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Cookbook Crooks, They Cost How Much? No Way! Top 10 E-Cookbook Review

Being the CEO of a small publishing firm specialized in real estate and business gives me a clear perspective into how information products should be priced based on production and marketing roll out costs. I always have my eyes on the competition and this is especially right for people who are promoting ebooks, which are electronic files that can be downloaded to your computer. From a publishing perspective, ebooks are a fantastic way to distribute information to people who need it because production and roll out costs are virtually eliminated and give people direct access to the information products they want and need.

What blows my mind is the price of ebooks. I have seen ebooks priced from $25.00 to over $100.00 and, in my humble opinion, this is an outrage. I know people are paying for the “information” but outside the cost to develop an ebook, it is pure-profit mechanism and nobody can convince me that paying these outlandish prices for an electronic file makes sense. I have never seen an ebook worth more than a few dollars max….

Take cookbooks for example. I have seen e-cookbooks for sale online and around EBay priced at $14.95 to more than $24.95 and I could never figure out why anyone would pay that much for an e-cookbook without at least being able to review the recipes first. As fate would have it, I was exposed to a “turnkey business opportunity” online that offered me to buy the resale rights to a wide variety of “e-products” and the offer was so excellent I had to invest just because curiosity was killing the cat. And in this bundle of e-products I found a directory of e-cookbooks… the same cookbooks people are trying to sell online for over $15.00 each. My staff and I examined all of the 50 or so ebooks contained in the program and I have to tell you, most of these were a joke and no way worth the money they were asking for them. In fact, some of them were so terrible, so full of misspells, so poorly laid out that I would be embarrassed to give them away. Out of that group of e-cookbooks, we found about 10 that were qualified to sell on our site.

So we rated these top-10 cookbooks using a 5-star rating system ranging from 3 to 5-stars. After carefully considering our costs, I chose to price the e-cookbooks at a-buck-a-star. So a 3 star book would cost $3.00, 4 star, $4.00 and so on…. The max price on an e-cookbook is $5.00 and I reckon that there is one priced that high… What can I say? I have high standards for quality.

If you are interested in taking a peek at these top-10 e-cookbooks, check them out at the link below. Just go to the product section and click the e-cookbooks link… Why would a real estate and business publisher offer e-cookbooks? The answer is pretty simple… entrepreneurs have to eat too, right? Besides…we had some extra space on the site… There are freebies there too.

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