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Ebooks: A Recipe For Success

There are some very obvious disadvantages to ebooks. You can’t, for instance, utilize them as a means of keeping the bedroom door open. Nor can you use them to terminate that housefly that has been annoying you for the last half hour or so. If there are disadvantages to ebooks, though, there are just as many advantages too, and there is nowhere that these advantages become more apparent than in the kitchen. I am, of course, thinking about recipe books. Or, to be more precise, recipe ebooks.

One of the most apparent advantages of any ebook is that it doesn’t take up any shelf space – in the kitchen or anywhere else. So you can have virtually (pun intended) thousands of the things and never have to worry about any extra dusting. Which is a relief for someone that despises dusting as much as I do.

The best thing, though, with recipe ebooks, is that you can print off recipe sheets containing all of your favourite recipes, and keep them handy, in the kitchen. Even better, is the fact that, if you are an incredibly messy cook, like me, then you can print off a new one every time you get recipe all over your recipe sheet, or just when it starts to look a small tatty. Yes, whether it is looking tatty or covered in po-tatty, it is simple to replace. Of course, if you want, you could always laminate your recipe sheets to make a more durable, and easily cleanable, recipe card.

Another advantage to recipe ebooks is the fact that you can choose the print size that you want, before you print out your recipe. A lot of us find that, as we get older, our eyesight needs a small help and it can be a very frustrating thing to have to keep taking reading glasses on and off when your hands are covered in cake mix, or gravy etc. It is even more frustrating when you have to try and clean the aforementioned greasy stains from the lenses of a pair of glasses. The people who produce a lot of recipe cards and books never seem to reckon of this, but with an ebook you are the boss and you can have your print any size that you want.

One other notable advantage with recipe ebooks is how simple they make it for a cook to share recipes with friends and family. Whether it is a case printing of a hot-pot, stuffing it in an envelope, and posting it to Aunt Betty, or emailing a flan to cousin Fran, it is simple, and anything that makes life simple is excellent in my ebook.

Ebooks are cheaper to buy than their paper counterparts are, and you need never loose your appetite through feelings of guilt about dead trees and wasted resources. So I’ll say it. Why not? Ebooks are green. So boot-up that hard-drive and grease up some tins. Set the oven to hot and flick through an ebook today.

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