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Bell’s Oberon Ale – A Dream for A Midsummer’s Night?

I’ll be direct and up front with you about this. Bell’s Oberon Ale (offered by Bell’s Brewery, Inc. in Kalamazoo, MI) is a microbrew I’ll admit to really having tried on several occasions over the past year or two. The problem has been that I just hardly ever really had any time or the common sense to really stop, take time out, and make an effort to write down my own personal thoughts and impressions of this right to form “American wheat ale”. Well, no time better than the present I always say. And now, with summer weather here in Western Pennsylvania, there’s no reason to place it off any longer. Especially since wheat beers, or “Witte” beers perhaps, are traditionally those beers geared for summertime enjoyment.

Starting right out of the gate, I’d have to admit that I really sort of admire the colorful goofy looking Mr. Sun logo on the mark first off. With colors of bright orange, yellow and blue, the bottle labeling design certainly drew my attention to Bell’s Oberon out of the hundreds of microbrews in my local mix and match six pack shop.

Pouring the 12 ounce brown bottle into an unchilled teardrop shaped glass, I found a tawny bright burning of orange and light rust. A slight haze was present but nothing entirely out of ordinary for a wheat beer. A mild 1 finger head coated the surface for a couple brief minutes and rapidly dissipated into lilly pads of splotchy froth.

Smell was very faint, a slight fruity touch to it but not “banana” strong as you find in so many wheat style ales. It gave off a faint spiciness that was a small tough to place.

Sipping this beer for the first ten minutes or so, I experienced that slight fruitness in flavor as well. I’d describe it really as a sweeter, syrupy fruit that only got heavier as the beer warmed in the glass. There was a bready feel to it but again, this was not the common breadiness found in many wheat style beers. I reckon overall, the spice that I can’t quite place in the background really makes this microbrew very unique in my book. I honestly do not typically find wheat beers to be my preference or favorite but I found myself really starting to delight in Bell’s Oberon Ale especially as the beer warmed.

If you like American Wheat Ales by nature, then this beer is certainly not going to disappoint you if you’re trying it for the first time. If you despise wheat ales but like craft beers and microbrews, in the spirit of the art of microbrewing, I’d still recommend you at least give Oberon Ale a honest shot in broadening your microbrew horizons. You just might like it, and maybe alot as I did. Of all the wheat ales I’ve tried, and I confess it’s not been hundreds, Bell’s Oberon Ale is, without a doubt my favorite and one I would not hesitate in picking up a six pack of.

I’d not suggest adding an orange slice to Oberon Ale as the beer can certainly hold its own in both flavor and substance all by its lonesome. There is certainly no need for props or fruitsy tootsy garnishes here. One thing of note is that Bell’s Oberon Ale does rate somewhere in the 6% abv range which is maybe a bit stronger than you’d want to be exposed to if just hanging around, sitting on the back porch in 90 degree plus weather, drinking beer all afternoon after a hard Saturday of mowing the lawn. Don’t get carried away and please be responsible. If it’s got to be a wheat ale for summertime consumption, for me, I’m going to go straight to Bell’s Oberon Ale if I have anything to say about it. This micro brew is a winner in my book by any craft beer style standards.

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There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a finely produced craft beer (if you like beer of course). Being a microbrew enthusiast for the better part of 10 years now, I am constantly on the hunt for the holy grail of all craft beers. My endless quest has allowed me to sample some of the finest microbrews around. Where each of these beers rate in my quest for the best I’ve place into words for casual perusing by experienced samplers and beginner enthusiasts alike at microbrewreview.blogspot.com/ microbrewreview.blogspot.com/ and squidoo.com/microbrewreview/ squidoo.com/microbrewreview/

Let me know what you reckon and feel free to offer your suggestions on a craft beer you’d recommend that I should rate at my next microbrew review.

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