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History of Coffee

It is not really clear when exactly coffee came in to being and quite a few arguments float around about whether its from Italy or really from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has been credited with possibly being the start of coffee because goat herders are reported to have seen the goats eating berries and then having a lot more energy,so the goat herder tried some of the berries and the same thing happened to him,his energy levels went sky high. The berries were free growing in Ethiopia & so we then had one of the first coffees. The visiting Arabians took some of the plants home to see if they could grow them and then we had the well known Arabica coffee beans.

Turkey is the first known country to use coffee as a drink,they would crush & roast the coffee beans and add these to different herbs & spices & mix together in boiling water.
The venetian coffee trade merchants were the ones to bring coffee to Europe, much to the disgust of excellent Catholics as they referred to it as “the devils drink”
Fortunately for us Europeans, the pope loved the new drink and could find no reason to condemn it and so it was brought over to Europe.

Coffee was introduced to America at a later date. Manufacturers realised that the lift coffee gave to people especially in the mornings to wake up properly would be a lucrative market and so they all started competing and came up with all the different flavoured coffees that are around today.

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