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Is Cooked Food Really All That Good For Us?

In nature all animals eat living foods as yielded up by Nature. Only humans cook their foods and only humans suffer widespread sicknesses and ailments. Those humans who eat mostly living foods are more alert, reckon clearer, sharper and more logically and become more active. Best of all, live food eaters become virtually sickness-free!

Cooking is a process of food destruction from the moment heat is applied to the foodstuff. Long before dry ashes results, food values are really ruined.

If you place your hand just for a moment into boiling water or on a hot stove, which should forever persuade you just how destructive heat is. Food is usually subjected to these destructive temperatures for perhaps half an hour or more. What was living substance becomes really dead very rapidly with exposure to heat!

Cooking renders food toxic! The toxicity of the deranged debris of cooking is confirmed by the doubling and tripling of white blood cells after eating a cooked food meal. The white blood cells are the first line of defense and are, collectively, popularly called “the immune system.”
As confirmed by hundreds of researches cited in the prestigious National Academy of Sciences National Research Council’s book, “Diet, Nutrition and Cancer,” all cooking quickly generates mutagens and carcinogens in foods.

Proteins start coagulating and delaminating at temperatures commonly applied in cooking, and is devoid of nutritive value.
Vitamins are rather quickly ruined by cooking.

Minerals quickly lose their organic context and are returned to their native state as they occur in soil, sea water and rocks, metals and so on. In such a state they are unusable and the body often shunts them aside where they may combine with saturated fats and cholesterol in the circulatory system, thus clogging it up with cement-like plaque.

Heated fats are especially damaging because they are altered to form acrogens, free radicals and other mutagens and carcinogens as confirmed in, “Diet, Nutrition and Cancer.”

Thus you can see that dead foods make dull, diseased and sooner dead people. Have you ever seen how vultures look? (No seriously! I am only half kidding at this point. A building is only as elegant as its parts after all.)

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