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Different Types of Bitters

This generic term applies to all bitter liqueurs and bitters. Bitters are produced from herb and root extracts, from the narcotic components of (primarily) tropical and subtropical plants, and from spices. They are usually dark in color and valued for their appetite-promoting and digestion-aiding qualities.

Angostura bitters
Produced in Trinidad, this is probably the best-know bitters in the world and is indispensable to every bartender for flavoring drinks. It is one of the essential ingredients in classic Ancient-fashioned Bourbon Cocktail and what gives the pale pink color to a bubbling Champagne Cocktail. The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, but the flavor is produced from extracts of Seville orange peel, angelica roots, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, galangan (Alpinia offidnarum), gentian roots, and quinine.

Italian bitters, sometimes called Campari’s “younger brother,” with an alcohol content of just 22 proof. Boonekamp This aromatic bitter, at least 80 proof, contains a wealth of exotic ingredients, such as aniseed, fennel, licorice, bitter clover, poplar buds, valerian root, and wormwood, to name but a few.

This world-renowned Italian bitters has a heavily guarded secret mixture of herbs and Seville orange peel to thank for its typical flavor. This ruby-red drink was made in Milan in 1861 by the distiller Caspare Davide Campari, and has today become a classic aperitif. It is very excellent for mixing.

Cynar This bitter Italian aperitif contains artichoke juice and herbs, and has an alcohol content of 1 6.5 percent by volume, or 33 proof.

Orange bitters
This is a combination of extract of bitter-tasting Seville orange peel and gin. It is only used to flavor a host of cocktails.

Tropical bitters
A bitter based on tropical fruits.

Oher bitters
Other brands of European bitters include Amer Picon, flavored with and gentian; Branca Menta, which tastes of peppermint; -Branca, an Italian herbal-tasting bitter; golden, sweetish rlsli.ider Becher Bitter (nowadays called Karlovarska Becherovka); Brswcet Punt e Mes from Italy, which is usually loved while eating chocolate; golden-colored Suze from France; and herbal underberg, which has been brewed to a secret family recipe in germany since 1 846 and is claimed to be a hangover cure.

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