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Espresso Coffee Maker: A Brief Insight

The espresso coffee maker is a unique coffee-making machine. It specializes in serving just the perfect cup of rich, creamy and frothy Italian coffee drink named espresso that is just so irresistible! The brewing technique implemented to make espresso coffee is very exclusive. In this particular brewing method you are forcing hot water through finely ground coffee at a high pressure to make the coffee.

So as to force the water through the fine-ground coffee, the espresso coffee maker utilizes pressure that comes from heating water inside a sealed vessel. The pressure can be generated by a pressure pump or by steam. Pressure pump fitted espresso machines are the best as they generate more consistent pressure at the optimal brewing temperature.

Most commercial espresso machines are pump driven while the majority of the home espresso makers are steam driven.

An espresso coffee maker brews your espresso quick and quick. It is convenient and simple to operate. Making espressos at home could never get simpler than this. If you are a right espresso fanatic then you just can’t ignore this smart looking coffee making gadget!

The most vital part of the espresso coffee maker is the pressure pump. The coffee liquid is subjected to optimum levels of pressure in a small time. The water that is passed under high pressure through the freshly ground coffee should be just below the boiling point. As a result the maximum flavor and aroma is distilled out into your coffee.

The coffee brewing principle used to make espresso coffee in the espresso coffee maker is ideal to make less caffeinated espresso coffee. The high pressure applied in the process really sucks out bitter oils and discharges far less caffeine than the other brewing processes. So espresso coffee is much healthier than other types of brewed coffee. Forget all those caffeine blues when you are sipping into your creamy espresso!

The capacity of the pressure pump device fitted in the espresso coffee maker is expressed in ‘bars’. A bar is equivalent to kg/square centimeter. A excellent pump can withstand pressures up to 15 bars or more. So it is essential for you to check these configurations before buying an espresso machine.

You must consider one very vital aspect about enjoying a perfect cup of espresso. The creamy froth layer that forms at the top must stay as it is for a considerable period of time. So a pressure of around 7-9 bars must be passed through the coffee in the espresso coffee maker. Otherwise the froth will vanish as soon as it is formed making your espresso not worth a sip!

You can select from a wide range of impressive espresso coffee maker machines available in the market to suit your needs. These coffee making gadgets are offered at competitive prices in a variety of models. The espresso coffee makers are standard household appliances in most American homes!

You can buy a excellent quality standard espresso coffee maker without having to burn a hole in your pockets. A variety of low budget (less than $100) compact espresso machines are available. Some of the top low price espresso models are:

Krups Caffe Duomo Espresso Machine
Melitta MEX2B Espresso Coffeemaker
DeLonghi Caffe Nabucco
Krups Allegro Espresso maker
Mr. Coffee Espresso machine
Stove Top Espresso makers

But, for a more advance and superior quality espresso coffee maker you will have to shell out somewhere between $500-$1000. Some top brands in this price range are:

Gaggia Syncrony Compact Espresso Machine
Delonghi Magnifica Automatic Espresso Machine
La Pavoni espresso machine
Krups Orchestro Dialog 2-cup Espresso Machine
Saeco Charisma Automatic Espresso Machine
Francis Francis! X5 Espresso machine

Espresso coffee maker machines that are installed in coffee shops, coffee bars and restaurants are huge and much more elaborate than the home espresso machines. Commercial espresso machines require a higher level of operating skill and a more thorough knowledge of espresso making. A skilled barista is sure to make magic with any type of espresso device!

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