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A Brief History Of Beer – Part 2 AD 1516 – AD 1898

AD 1516
Beer legislation in Bavaria, Germany passed by Duke Wilhelm lV requiring beer to be made only from malt, hops and water (Yeast fermentation was not known of at this time).

AD 1522
Hops used in most beers in England.

AD 1524-1536
Hops outlawed by Henry Vlll of England.

AD 1547
King Ferdinand l decrees that Budweis beer be the royal drink.

AD 1553
Becks Brewery founded and is still brewing today.

AD 15OO’s (Late)
Queen Elizabeth l of England drank strong ale for breakfast.

AD 1568
Artist Pieter Brueghel’s painting The Wedding depicts wedding guests drinking a pinkish liquid, probably fruity lambic beer. (i.e., beer made from unmalted wheat and fruit).

AD 1581
Young’s Brewery started brewing in England.

AD 1587
The first beer was brewed in the New World (America) at Sir Walter Raleigh’s colony in Virginia, but the colonists sent requests to England for better beer.

AD 1589
Hofbrauhaus built by Duke Wilhelm V is the focal point of the well-known annual Oktoberfest in Belgium.

AD 17th Century
The weekly allowance for pupils of all ages at one English school was two bottles of beer a day because water was usually from polluted rivers and unsafe to drink.

AD 1602
Dr Alexander Nowell discovers that ale can be stored longer in cork sealed, glass bottles.

AD 1612
The first commercial brewery opened in New Amsterdam (NYC, Manhattan) after colonists advertised in London newspapers for experienced brewers.

AD 1620
Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock because the beer supplies were running low.

AD 1674
Harvard College has its own brewhouse.

AD 1680
William Penn (founder of Pennsylvania) operated a commercial brewery.

AD 17OO’s
In the early 1700’s breweries started cultivating specific yeast strains which developed the style that we today call ‘beer’

AD 1719
Belhaven brewery was established at Dunbar, Scotland on the site of a Benedictine Monastery where monks had been brewing ale for several hundred years.

AD 1757
In America Washington wrote his personal recipe “To Make Small Beer”.

AD 1759
Guinness evolved from a porter to a stout in Dublin.

AD 1777
In Burton-on-Trent in England pale ale commenced being brewed.

AD 1786
· Molson brewery is founded in what is today Canada.
· George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had their own private brewhouses.
· Samuel Adams operated a commercial brewery.
· Soldiers in the revolutionary army received rations of a quart of beer a day.

AD 1789
· James Madison proposes that Congress levy a low 8 cent duty per barrel , on malt liquors to encourage “the manufacture of beer in every State in the Union”.
· Beer and bread were mainstays of the ordinary person’s diet for centuries.
· Yeasts during this time were exactly the same as those used in bread.

AD 1795
Czech Budweiser Burgerbrau (Citizen’s Brewery) is established.

AD 1800’s
· Before the 1800’s most beer was really “Ale”.
· Lager starts being produced commercially on a large scale due to the introduction of

AD 1810
Munich establishes Oktoberfest as an official celebration.

AD 1830’s
Bavarians Gabriel Sedlmayr of Munich and Anton Dreher of Vienna developed the lager method of beer production.

AD 1834
Marston Brewery was the last to use the traditional Burton union system in England.

AD 1839
· A group of 200 Czech brewers engaged Joseph Groll, a master brewer from Bavaria to make lager-style beers.
· The Burghers Brewery is founded in Pilsen, Bohemia.

AD 1842
Brewer Joseph Groll produces a clear pale golden beer which started being exported to Europe from Pilsen, Bohemia.

AD 1850’s
· German immigrant brewers introduced cold maturation lagers to the US
· Anheuser, Busch, Miller, Coors, Stroh, Schlitz and Pabstroots start production.

AD 1800’S (late)
The beginning of the modern era of brewing in the U.S.

AD 1860
Commencement of refrigeration

AD 1870’s
Adolphus Busch pioneers the use of double-walled railcars in a network of ice houses to make Budweiser beer, the first national brand.

AD 1874
Groll’s lager reaches the USA.

AD 1876
· Pasteur unravels the secret of yeast in the fermentation process and also develops pasteurisation to stabilize beers 22 years before the process was applied to milk.
· Automatic bottling and pasteurisation
· Railroad distribution.

AD 1880
There were approximately 2300 breweries in the USA.

AD 1883
German brewers were using bottom-fermenting yeasts.

AD 1890
Pabst is the first US brewer to sell over one million barrels in a year.

AD 1898
Burghers’ Brewery registers the name Pilsner Urquell.

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