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Magic Hat Hocus Pocus Wheat Ale Microbrew Review

I snagged a very intriquing microbrew just recently at my local mix and match microbrew six pack beer shop. What I was able to procure was Hocus Pocus Summer Wheat Ale, offered by Magic Hat Brewing Company straight out of of South Burlington, VT. This is the microbrewery that place microbrews in Vermont dead spot on the map.

I’ve had the opportunity to sample several Magic Hat microbrew offerings in my years on this planet. None of which I’ve been able to say I’ve been all that much impressed with overall. Don’t get me incorrect, each Magic Hat beer I have tried has certainly proven itself much better than the macro swill I’d find in any bar, pub or street corner tavern in the Pittsburgh region. It’s just not been a “memorable” track record with this brewery in particular.

I guess what attracted me to even picking out the bottle in the cooler is the cool mark design. That’s what’s always snagged me with Magic Hat beers. I see the funky, cool and colorful mark designs, my eye gets drawn, my interest is piqued. I’ve gotta at least try it right? One thing about Magic Hat is that, while their mark are very fascinating and fun, trying to tell what style of beer is inside the bottle is like throwing darts in the dark. There is very small anywhere on the bottle to even let you know what you’re spending your hard-earned cash on on the inside. After very close inspection, I noticed this is a “seasonal” microbrew offering, a “summer wheat beer” to be exact. “What the heck?” I thought and grabbed a single.

Well, wheat beers, while not my favorites, have been enjoyable from time to time. It just depends what you’re drinking I guess. This beer poured quite flat and dull. It just didn’t give me a whole lot of signs of life at least visually. Several small streams of bubbles lazily sauntered upwards in my glass as if to say “yeah, we’re here, but we’re not real thrilled about it”. Uninspiring.

Taste? Well, I’m used to the lemony wheat flavors in typical summer microbrews, but this one really made me pucker and not in the best of ways. It made me cringe a small with each sip and the slick coating it left in my mouth wouldn’t let me forget it all that quickly either. In fact, after just one bottle, it was making me thirsty for something, anything other than a beer! Probably shouldn’t be serving this in bars or everyone will be drinking iced teas and sprites before they know what hit them!

I guess at this point I’ll have to give Magic Hat Hocus Pocus Summer Wheat Ale a quick and tidy overall microbrew rating or summary. I would have to say that my honest single line impression would have to be that this microbrew is sour, dry and at the very same time offers a very watered down essence. I wouldn’t tell you to avoid this micro brew at any and all costs (especially if the wheat beers are your thing). But if I (or anyone else for that matter) am going to be paying $2.00 to $4.00 per twelve ounce bottle for a “microbrew”/”craft beer”, I want something at least a small better that this one particular beer. I want, and demand, something much more fulfilling, engaging and memorable. My rating for this Magic Hat Brewing Company offering is only a 5.00 out of 10.00 total points. There’s just not a whole lot of magic in this Magic Hat Hocus Pocus ale, at least not for me. I’m just being honest here. There’s certainly no disrespect intended but.

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There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a finely produced craft beer (if you like beer of course). Being a microbrew enthusiast for the better part of 10 years now, I am constantly on the hunt for the holy grail of all craft beers. My endless quest has allowed me to sample some of the finest microbrews around. Where each of these beers rate in my quest for the best I’ve place into words for casual perusing by experienced samplers and beginner enthusiasts alike at microbrewreview.blogspot.com/ microbrewreview.blogspot.com/ and squidoo.com/microbrewreview/ squidoo.com/microbrewreview/

Let me know what you reckon and feel free to offer your suggestions on a craft beer you’d recommend that I should rate at my next microbrew review.

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One Comment on “Magic Hat Hocus Pocus Wheat Ale Microbrew Review”

  • Krissy wrote on 20 July, 2009, 23:02

    Hi there,

    I noticed your post and it immediately caught my eye, as we no longer brew Hocus Pocus at our brewery. Though we strive to make sure all of our current beers are on the shelves for your drinking pleasure, it is possible that this one slipped through the cracks, especially if it was a single bottle. Would it be possible to let me know where and when you bought this bottle of Hocus Pocus? For a much fresher and choice and a more pleasant drinking experience I would suggest our NEW summer seasonal, Wacko or check out our fall seasonal, Roxy Rolles, as it will be hitting the shelves in the next few weeks. For the current lineup of beers check out magichat.net….



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