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Are You Eating Right?

“You Are What You Eat”. Do you agree with this statement?

I do not really agree. It is not only what we eat, but what we’re able to digest and assimilate that adds to our health, strength, energy and vitality. Thus I like it better this way – “You Are What You Can Digest”.

I want to share 5 Simple Food-Combining Rules that can help in plotting and preparing a healthy meal.

1. Eat Protein Food & Carbohydrate Food at Separate Meal

Protein food and carbohydrate food require different digestive juices in order to be properly broken down and appropriated by the body. Protein requires an acid environment for digestion, whereas carbohydrate requires an alkaline environment for digestion. It is a fact in chemistry that alkalies and acids neutralize each other. So when protein and starches are combined (such as meat and a piece of bread or a potato), the acid and alkaline digestive juices neutralize each other.

The protein will putrefy and the carbohydrate will ferment. Imagine this, the meat rot and decay, and the bread and potato ferment in the stomach. All these decaying food are held up in the stomach, causing gas and discomfort. More importantly, the nutrients needed to rejuvenate and replenish our cells are ruined in the decaying and fermenting process. That is the reason why so many people nowadays really look older than they are, as this dietary cycle will eventually leads to premature aging and illness!

2. Eat Protein Alone Or With Vegetables

Proteins should be eaten alone or with steamed vegetables or salads for optimum digestion. Vegetables are high water content foods and are relatively simple to digest. They can be broken down in either an acid or alkaline environment. Thus, vegetables can be combined with protein as well as carbohydrate.

3. Eat Carbohydrate Alone Or With Vegetables

The same as protein, carbohydrates should be eaten alone or with steamed vegetables or salads for optimum digestion.

4. Eat Fruit Alone

Fruit is a very simple food and a powerful detoxifier. It contains sugars that are ready for the body to use and has the highest water content of all foods. As fruits undergo nearly no digestion in the stomach, this is why it should be eaten alone. The nutrients from fruits will be absorbed quickly through the walls of our small intestine and colon. Fruits will be held up if combined with other foods that need digestion in the stomach. This will cause the sugar in fruit to ferment and cause bloating and gas in the stomach. No healthy cell can be built from fermentation.

If fruit is eaten alone on empty stomach, it will have the effect of washing and cleansing our digestive tract leaving it more capable of absorbing nutrients. The fibers in fruits also help to lower cholesterol in the blood. Allow at least 2-3 hours before eating fruits after a meal.

5. Fluids Should Not Be Consumed Along With or After Meal

If you drink water, soup, tea or any other beverages along with your meal, they wash many of the digestive juices from the stomach and the remaining juices are very diluted, this hinders food from being properly digested. Drink at least half an hour before or after a meal.

If we are eating food and vegetables prepared the natural way, we should not feel thirsty after our meal as the food itself will provide us with plenty of fluids. But, if you are feeling thirsty after a meal, you may be using too much salt or seasoning in your cooking!

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