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Pinotage Wine has a Peppery and Spicy Flavor With Strong Hint of Plums

You Must Visit The Wine Regions Of South Africa

The fine mixture of soil and climate in South Africa makes it an ideal place to cultivate wine. Vineyards, producing very high quality wines, are distributed throughout the country.

Although South Africa has been producing fine wines since the 17th century, there has been small interest in its industry until recently. Because of international politics and economic policies, South Africa did not really participate in the modern wine boom. As these policies change, but, South African wines are developing a following beyond its borders.

The white wines of South Africa have a very excellent reputation in the international wine industry, being light and crisp, and even fruity in flavor. The Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay grapes, especially, seem to thrive in the South African climate. These grapes produce aromatic and spicy wines that compliment many different foods and tastes.

Although the white wines of South Africa have a better image than the reds, there are a number of very high quality wines of the red variety. One of the most flavorful South African reds is a cross between the Pinot Noir and the Cinsault, a grape from southern Rhone. This wine is called Pinotage, and is exported to most parts of the world with fantastic success.

Shiraz is also made in South Africa with success. This wine is light and fruity and loved globally.

At the time it was first settled in by the Dutch in the early 17th century, South Africa was not considered to be a suitable climate for the cultivation of grapes. This attitude quickly changed when vines were successfully grown in the middle of the same century. While these wines were considered high in quality, continuing the production of fine wines was not on the Dutch’s agenda for their colony. Instead, the farmlands were needed for rice to feed the slaves and colonists.

By the 19th century, South Africa was producing more wine than it ever had before. It exported so much wine that the British Lord Nelson called it an “immense tavern.” South African wine was loved around the world in places such as Britain and the United States.

When the British gained control of the Cape, they were delighted to find a large source of wine at their disposal. After the British abolished slavery in South Africa the wine industry suffered. Rich planters drove away all competition through the production of cheap wine.

The British government attempted to right this problem by raising the tariffs on wine from the Cape, thereby removing South African wine from the British market for the next several years.

During the wine boom of the 20th century, South Africa was virtually ignored in the world’s wine market. This is because of its political situation and the many trade embargoes against South African industry in general.

Today, the wines of South Africa are very high in quality but there is still small consumer interest in these wines. This negative attitude towards South African industry has made many obstacles for the promotion of her wines. Not all nations ignore South African industry, but, and this recognition should help this industry to expand in the future.

Pinotage is at home in South Africa. It thrives well in the slightly hot, dry climate of the Western Cape – South Africa.

Pinotage, itself, is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault.

Pinotage has a peppery and spicy flavor with strong hint of plums, bananas and redcurrants.

Although simple to cultivate and vinify, Pinotage vine material is in small supply, mainly rootstock.

Styles of Pinotage wimes vary from smooth to rough textured. Although it benefits from maturing, it is not often allowed to age.

Pinotage produces light red, blush and sparkling wines.

Pinotage was made in the 1920′s by Professor Perold at Stellenbosch University.

Come for a visit.

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