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5 Days To Stop Your Sugar Cravings

Some people just like to eat “Chocolate” and some people like to eat sweets of any kind. Sugar cravings are real. Have you ever felt yourself wanting to eat
desserts all day long? How about craving something sweet, but can’t figure out what you want so you try several kinds in a matter of minutes?

Your body knows what it is doing. When a craving hits you, you want a fix such as
a person that needs that smoke after a meal. Even though people try to kick a terrible habit, some cravings are hard to stop even when you are determined to stop it. A sugar craving is a hard habit to break.

Many people go cold-turkey when they choose to give up sugar. Our grocery
store shelves are filled with foods that hide the word “sugar” in them. What do we believe on the mark?

I once heard a person say—”Foods made by God are excellent, Foods made by man are terrible.” I wonder if we ate more fresh fruits and vegetables if we would notice a difference in our health. Would we stop the sugar cravings? Would we feel better? Would we notice a difference? I reckon we would!

How do you stop the cravings for sugar? Does it mean no sugar at all or some sugar sometimes? You will learn a plot to stop that hold that sugar has over


1. Drink plenty of water. (Helps to flush the sugar out)
2. Attitude is everything. Keep a positive mental attitude.
3. Place foods in your refrigerator that are healthy for you

and simple to snack on. (fruits, vegetables).
4. Learn about the 5 days to detox your body of the cravings.
5. Find a friend or partner to be accountable too.
6. Be honest with yourself.
7. Don’t give up, you are worth it.

I know how it feels to be so addicted to sugar that I thought eating fruits and
vegetables were dreadful. Now things have changed….I like salads. The excellent
stuff does taste excellent. When I was on a sugar high, I would be full of energy for about 10 minutes, then I would get depressed and want to take a nap. I found a simple system to stop my cravings for sugar and get my life back on track.

I was addicted to sweets and had a hard time changing until I changed my mind.
My thoughts were so focused on not eating sweets that I craved them daily. I started
by changing my thoughts.

How? Each time I thought about cookies, cakes and sweets, I would change the picture in my mind to a healthy food…for example: I would see
a picture of myself eating a nice huge sugar cookie…I would immediately change the picture of myself to eating a nice juicy peach and the juice would be dripping down my chin. I learned to like natural foods.

Learn how I changed my life in 5 small days from sugar cravings to better health…www.question.usana.com

Sherry Kollar likes nutrition and reviews thoughts about alternative ways to make Health a Lifestyle.
Learn to Live Healthy in a simple and simple fashion. Do you want to stop your sugar cravings in just
5 small days. Blog: total-body-cleanse.blogspot.com or question.usana.com question.usana.com

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