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Chocolate Magic – Seduce him Sweetly

Men like chocolate not less, than women do, they just feel shy to admit it. Invite your loved one for a “chocolate supper” that you cooked by yourself – and you’ll see what a chic sequel you’ll get. Your lips and hands will smell sweet like chocolate, exciting not only physical passion, but also tenderness, caress, trust – all that things that we associate with like.

Chocolate truffles
10 steps for culinary orgasm

For 40 chocolate you’ll need…
For chocolate: 200 ml of 35% cream; 300 g of brown chocolate (70% is preferable).
For coating: 250 g of white chocolate and 50 g of high-quality cocoa powder without sugar.

1. Fill in a pannikin with cream, heat slowly till boiling point, but don’t boil. Remove from cooker and leave for 5 minutes.
2. While cream is cooling, break brown chocolate to pieces and place in a deep bowl. If you want, you may add 3 table-spoons of orange liqueur or cognac in chocolate. Pour chocolate with hot cream.
3. Shuffle contents with a fork to receive homogeneous mass. It’s very vital not to whip chocolate, then you won’t cook truffles. Allow medley to cool down a small, but it should still be liquid.
4. Take wooden spoon and pound a warm mass until it becomes lighter.
5. Cover a wooden plate with a baking-paper. Oil paper with olive or butter, to prevent chocolate from adhesion. Then place a chocolate mass on paper in small groups about 1 cm in diameter using a tea-spoon moistened in water.
6. Place chocolate in fridge to harden.
7. Place white chocolate broken to pieces in a small heat-resistant bowl. Place this bowl in a pannikin with water, the way it wouldn’t touch its bottom. Place on a cooker on a small fire – water shouldn’t boil! Wait, stirring slowly, until chocolate melts.
8. Pour out cocoa powder on a saucer.
9. Take chocolate from fridge. Place every harden chocolate on a fork and plunge in hot white chocolate. If chocolate were cold enough, coating cools down immediately inside, and saves softness on the outside.

10. Roll chocolate in cocoa powder and place on a plate again. Place in fridge. Keep completely harden truffles in a box in fridge.
Attention! Don’t serve up truffles or chocolate just taken out of fridge – they will be insipid. Sweets should warm till room temperature during not less than 30 minutes.
Freedom for your creative work
You can add 4 table-spoons of pounded hazelnuts, almond, prunes or dried apricots in warm chocolate mass instead of alcohol.

Do you want something piquant? Risk to flip 2 dashes of crushed (not ground) pepper or a dash of piquant red pepper to a chocolate mass.
3-4 table-spoons of fruit-drops stuck into small particles will add unusual taste to chocolate.
You’ll receive absolutely peculiar delicacy, if you add caramelized hazelnuts into half-cooled medley for truffles.
If you melt the same quantity of brown chocolate for coating, instead of white, add 5 table-spoons of crushed hazelnuts or walnuts and plunge candies in it, you’ll receive chocolate “hedgehogs” in a nutshell.
And at last, try to roll truffles covered with white chocolate in caramelized hazelnuts instead of cocoa powder.

Our advices
You need to buy high-quality chocolate for melting, which contains not less than 55% of natural cocoa. You’ll receive a milky taste of chocolate, if you add more cream to a mixture, 1 table-spoon of butter will add softness to a filling.
Chocolate shouldn’t be melted on open fire, as it will be burnt.
Crockery, in which you’re going to melt chocolate, should be wiped dry. Water should not come in chocolate during cooking, otherwise, chocolate will curdle and become clumpy and heterogeneous.
If you want to increase like magic of your delicacy, form candies with wet fingers – allow them to absorb as much of your personal energy as they can.
Women eat chocolate to feel joy, men – to prolong it.

Why you need to cook chocolate for him by yourself
Because when we cook food for other person, we pass him our feelings too. If you reckon positively, wish excellent for your loved one, dream about his closeness – he’ll know this, tasting the delicacy you cooked for him. Dishes, cooked for pleasure, not to satisfy one’s hunger, give especially strong effect. Dishes, which you place into your loved one’s mouth with your fingers… For example, chocolate truffles.

What to serve up with chocolate truffles
Chocolate truffles harmonize with black or red tea without sugar and rather don’t harmonize with green and fruit tea. You may dilute tea with milk or cream.
A perfect match – is a chocolate and a cup of black strong coffee. Tender and pleasant combination – is chocolate and coffee latte (half of cup – black coffee, another half – hot milk).
You’ll receive pleasure from a half-forgotten tandem: chocolate candies and hot, but not boiled, milk with a dash of cinnamon and a tea-spoon of brown sugar. By the way, chocolate with fruit-drop bits inside harmonizes with milk very well.

Chocolate- nut pudding
If you are small of time: To cook this charming dessert, you’ll need to grind 50 g of almond in powder in a coffee-grinder.
Whip 200 ml of cooled 35% cream till sour cream consistence by a mixer in a deep bowl.
Add 3 table-spoons of cocoa powder in cream, then ground nuts, 2 table-spoons of powdered sugar, a small pack of cream fixing agent, 2 table-spoons of cognac, rum or brandy and whim it for a minute more to receive thick, like butter, homogeneous chocolate mass.
Place a dessert in a small bowl, cool it down and serve up with whipped 35% cream, seasoned with a small pack of vanilla sugar.

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