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Tips on Protecting Yourself and Your Pet from Toxic Food

Brace yourself! It’s an eating frenzy between now and the end of the year. The office parties and gatherings at homes are ready to entice you with tasty food offerings. Besides watching your waistline grow, there can be danger lurking in the delectable food dish in front of you.

If you watched the news this summer, cases of E. Coli from spinach caused a scare and the recall of packaged spinach. Packaged lettuce was also a concern for E. Coli contamination.

Many of the parties and pot lucks have food left out over a long period of time and may not be safe to eat later in the day. Your best strategy is to get there early when the food is just place out for consumption. Of course getting there early usually guarantees the best selection of food choices. Most people who bring in potluck items are conscientious enough to prepare food in a cleanly manner. Most caterers have to abide by health department regulations.

So what do you do to protect yourself from consuming something that may be unhealthy for you? There’s always the sniff test and the appearance test. You can usually tell if some food dish is getting crusty from being left out and then you know to stay away.

You may have all star intuition or gut feeling tell you, this food is not safe or appropriate for you to eat. Chances are your emotions take over and you load your plate with tasty looking comfort food ignoring those signals you get to pass on a particular food choice.

You may even be sensitive to the ingredients of a dish and have an allergic reaction if you eat it. This is a time to delight in yourself and getting sick from eating at a party or potluck is not usually your thought of a fun time.

Many office refrigerators are prime breeding grounds for neglected food that grows smelly and moldy. Throwing out that food is a no-brainer, and yet the habit of leaving it for someone else to toss prevails.

One of the first steps is to pitch in and make sure your home and office refrigerator is cleaned and to toss that ancient food. When it comes to the office refrigerator, it’s usually left for someone else to do and may not get done. Getting someone to help you clean the refrigerator (if you choose to take it on) is a harder sell than The Small Red Hen had when she invited people to help her make the bread.

It’s possible you have survived the eating frenzy during these holiday parties and potlucks. You can be grateful that you have never had a problem. The enticement of free and plentiful food sometimes clouds your judgment to protect yourself from getting ill from consuming it.

One of the things you could do is to use dowsing or muscle testing (kineseology or device-less dowsing) to question if the food you are about to place on your plate or into your mouth is safe for you to eat. Using dowsing with a pendulum at a public gathering may not make you look too excellent. But using device-less dowsing can give you the protection you need while being discreet in public. You can easily learn how to dowse with your fingers.

As with all dowsing you need to establish a link with a higher power then establish a yes and no response. It is best if you test your yes and no response with questions you know the answers to like your name and birthday. There are several different ways to use your fingers to dowse. One is rubbing your index and thumb in a circular motion, a stick usually is meant to be a yes and smooth movement can be the no response.

Asking dowsing questions is best to be phrased to get a yes or no response. For example, if you are questioning the safeness of a particular food dish, “is this casserole safe for me to eat?” And then you can question, “is it in the highest and best excellent for me to eat this brownie?” Well, when the sweet tooth hits sometimes even the no response can be overridden. You have to choose in that moment whether the pleasure of eating that sweet treat now will be better than the possible expansion of the waist or even the discomfort you could feel from overstuffing yourself.

For some of you there can be a tendency of offering treats to your pets during the holidays. You need to be cautious when sharing people food to your pets. Be aware there have been recalls of pet treats and pet food. You can’t have the Internet reports with you everywhere you go shopping for food, unless you have the latest and greatest tech device.

Even then you can use device-less dowsing to check to see if that treat or bag of food is safe for your pet. I just saw a coupon from a product that seems fantastic for dogs and is meant to help clean teeth (it is the same color as lawns in the summer) – I recall a report that revealed that some dogs became ill from this product and some dogs even died. For people who like their pets and treat them as family members, protecting them from toxic food products is vital to caring for your pet’s health and avoiding high vet bills.

Delight in yourself, and as they say, “Eat, drink and be merry.” It’s always simple to assume the safety of your food and your pet’s food until a recall or problem hits the news. If you value your health and the health of your family and pets you will consider taking the steps you need to protect it.

You have a choice to learn if a food choice is by using the ancient art of dowsing. It’s a simple thing to learn and to use. Learn how dowsing can help you at thedowsingadvantage.com www.thedowsingadvantage.com. Many people wish for peace of earth this time of year. Why not take that a step further and give yourself peace of mind.

Lynn Wertheimer has been dowsing for over 20 years. Lynn uses her pendulum and device-less dowsing in all areas of her life including making sure the food she buys is safe to eat. She is the author of the eBook, The Dowsing Advantage. The Dowsing Advantage is offered with 4 bonus reports: How to Guide for Shopping; How to Find and Improve Relationships; Tips on How to Use Dowsing for Feng Shui and Fun Experiments for Kids. You can learn the Secrets to Dowsing quick for making powerful decisions and more by visiting thedowsingadvantage.com www.thedowsingadvantage.com.

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