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Dairy products. If you walk into any supermarket, you’ll probably find that the entire rear of the store is filled with them. Yes, there are a wide variety of dairy products available to the consumer. We’re going to just touch on a few of the more common ones here. If you’re lactose intolerant, you may want to just skip this article altogether. Most of this stuff you won’t be able to get within two miles of.

The fantastic thing about dairy products is that they’re not all just for breakfast. Many dairy products can be eaten and are eaten, any time of the day or night. Yes, some things like eggs are considered more of a breakfast food. But there are plenty of things to choose from for your lunch, dinner and even snacks.

For example. Cream cheese is fantastic on a bagel. Throw on a small lox and you’ve got a terrific brunch or even lunch. And the days of having to struggle with spreading that stuff are long gone. With the invention of Tempt Tee whipped cream cheese, some 40 years ago, cream cheese is so easily spreadable that a child can do it. Of course since that time many other brands of whipped cream cheese have made their way to the store.

What about butter? This is something that’s used pretty much all day long from spreading on your toast in the morning, to garnishing your baked potato for dinner. Butter comes in sticks and in tubs. There’s salted, unsalted and even sweetened butter with cream. Butter is no longer just butter anymore.

Then of course you do have your eggs. While there’s not much you can do with the egg itself, it certainly has plenty of uses, from scrambling up in the morning for breakfast to putting in your favorite cake recipe. Every try baking something without eggs? It’s not that simple. And of course you have your omelettes which come in a number of varieties themselves. Eggs are the perfect compliment to many foods like bacon, ham or sausage.

But we’re not done. Not even close. What about yogurt? This seems to be the dairy product of choice for women who are dieting. Not sure why this is since unless the yogurt is specifically stout free it’s not going to aid you in your weight loss campaign. And of course yogurt today is not just plain yogurt anymore. You’ve got more things being thrown into a cup yogurt than you can imagine, from fruit to granola. Now they even have yogurt with a special enzyme that aids in digestion.

Of course let’s not forget the ancient standby, milk Andy Rooney of 60 minutes recently did a segment on milk about how it’s not just milk anymore. Now you have low-stout milk, skim milk, which is really skimmed milk and a number of other forms of what used to just come out of a cow. He remarked that maybe what we need to do in order to bring milk sales back up is to just go back to the excellent ancient milk we used to drink.

He may not have a terrible thought at that.

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