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How to Properly Clean your Glass Top Range

The glass top range has become an extremely well loved addition to any kitchen.There is no other appliance that can add a more modern, clean look to your kitchen. That’s if they are properly maintained.

The glass top range should be cleaned after every second or third use. Cleaning after every use would be better. If not cleaned regularly your gorgeous glass top will become an hideous mass of stains and debris.

Regular cleaning ———-

Properly maintaining a glass top range is a simple matter of regular cleaning. That is, regular cleaning using a recommended method, and the manufacturers suggested cleaner.

It must be understood that the cleaner is simply that – a cleaner. Its job is to remove the basic food and debris that will accumulate on the top during regular cooking. The consumer must provide the necessary amount of elbow grease and patience. To clean the top try the following method after every few cooking sessions:

Firstly, confirm that the glass top has fully cooled down before trying to clean. Most galss top ranges have a hot surface indicator light. It should have been off for approximately thirty minutes before cleaning.

Add a small amount of liquid cleaner to glass top. An amount about the size of a dollar coin should be sufficient.

Using your fingers quickly spread a thin layer of liquid cleaner over entire surface of glass top.

Allow to set for a minute. During this time the cleaner should go milky white and change from a liquid to a powdery consistency. Do not attempt to clean until entire surface has changed state.Allowing it sufficient time to change state before proceeding is critical. If you try to rush the job poor cleaning will result.

Using a clean dry cotton cloth clean the top thoroughly. A circular motion (such as when cleaning windows) seems to work best. Give extra attention to any area that feels rough.

Once all cleaner has been removed, fold cloth to expose a dry area of the cloth. Clean whole top again with this dry section of cloth.

Clean any cracks or crevices along the edges of top using a finger covered section of cloth. Don’t be tempted to use a sharp object such as a knife.

Using your fingers feel the clean top. It should feel smooth. If any roughness is felt repeat cleaning. If roughness persists proceed to following section.

If the proper regular cleaning is done the top will remain clean and stain free.

Burnt-on stains cleaning ———-

At times though the stains or debris may become burnt onto the glass top. This usually happens when pots are allowed to boil over onto the top, or a pot with a dirty bottom is used during cooking. If this happens the following method is suggested:

(NOTE: The cleaner itself is used in conjunction with a razor blade knife to remove burnt-on debris. In this case the blade is used to do the cleaning and the cleaner becomes a lubricant for the blade.)

Confirm that the glass top has fully cooled down before trying to clean.

Add a liberal amount of liquid cleaner to the area affected.
Immediately use razor blade knife to scrape away burnt-on debris. Use a slow, but firm, forward and backward motion with the knife. Take special care to avoid allowing corner of knife to scratch glass top. Hurt can result.

If liquid cleaner goes milky remove it with a clean dry cotton rag.
Repeat process using more liquid cleaner.

Continue process until burnt-on debris is removed.

End by cleaning complete top as per the regular cleaning method.

Spills when cooking ———-

If any food or liquids spill onto the top during cooking it is advisable to wipe up spill as quickly as possible using a clean cloth. If not, spills can become bonded to the glass top. This will make the future cleaning of the top much more hard.

Is a glass top for you ———-

If this method seems a lot of work then a glass top range may not be something for you.

Do they require more work to maintain than a regular range? Not really.What they do require though, is small amounts of consistent cleaning to maintain their sparkling appearance. If this is something you won’t mind doing then this type of electric range is one you should consider when you are out shopping for a new addition to your kitchen.

C. McSorley is an independent writer of consumer related subjects. Have questions about your household appliances? Then visit her website at factoryinfo.ca factoryinfo.ca for free information and consumer articles.

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