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Special New M&Ms

One of the best candies of all-time is pulling off a stunt to promote a new movie.

To promote the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, they are selling a special white chocolate version of M&M’s with small pirate symbols on the candies. They are calling the M&M’s “white pearls.”

Am I perverted, or is calling a candy “white pearls” that “Melt in your Mouth and Not in Your Hand” really freakin’ sick?

I reckon I’m going to string these new M&M’s together and give it to my girlfriend as a “Pearl Necklace.”

What a fantastic promotional movie tie-in! Other candies should do the same thing!

* Special all pink and lavender Skittles to promote the DVD release of Brokeback Mountain. Brokeback Skittles: Taste the Gay Pride Rainbow.

* Runts could be used to promote ANY Tom Cruise movie.

* Almond Joy with pictures of cowboy hats on them to promote the DVD release of Brokeback Mountain. Almond Joy would be perfect because it’s for guys who like their nuts in fudge.

* Any new Jessica Simpson movie should be supported by Twits. I mean Twix.

* Okay, those other Brokeback Mountain candies are okay, but forget them. They should use Jolly Rancher Because they are very Jolly Ranchers! Very jolly! Very pleased! You might even call them… gay.

Back in junior high, man, I loved candy! I was always jealous of the kids with the metal-mouths. Because they could go back later for leftovers that got stuck in their braces!

M&Ms are awesome. And like so many fantastic thoughts, M&M’s came from the military. It’s right!

Soldiers were coating small bits of chocolate in hard sugar so they wouldn’t melt as they carried them. Then the M&M’s “inventor” Forrest Mars ganked that thought and made* M&M’s.

* Made = got rich off someone else’s thought.

Other awesome things that were originally made by the military:

* The U.S. Interstate Highway System

One main reason it was built in the 1950′s was to transport people out of cities in case of a Nuclear Attack. But if we were attacked NOW, more people would die from road rage caused by the massive traffic jam than from the actual bomb.

* The Internet

The internet was made by the U.S. military to be an instantaneous and hard-to-ruin communication system.

Today its main use is to communicate sports scores and celebrity gossip. But in the case of a real national emergency, the internet would be 1st and best tool to send soldiers vital data like BigBlacksMeetBigRacks.mpg.

and then there is possibly the military’s greatest and most complicated engineering marvel ever…

* Women

Women were developed by the military in the early 1400′s to give men something to fight over while between wars.

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