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Why You Should Own a Food Dehydrator

Food dehydration has been around for years as an simple way to store food. Many techniques have been used in food dehydration and storage for over years such as adding salt and sugars to preserve the food. Food dehydration gets simpler every year and there couldn’t be a better time than now to learn about food dehydration and perhaps even by a food dehydrator. In this article you’ll find 5 reasons why you should own a food dehydrator.

#1. Cost effective: Food dehydration is a cost effective way to save money for a number a reasons. If you have kids and they like to snack give them healthier dehydrated snacks with low sugars and salts at a fraction of the costs you’ll pay in the super markets. Fruits and meats are a fantastic way to do this and add a small sugar to lighten their sweet tooth cravings a bit. Even if you don’t have kids its a cost effective way for adults to snack as way and even if you add a small sugar and salt at least you know everything that is going into your food. In another of my articles I mention the fact that to buy a bunch of bananas and dehydrate them yourself is a fraction of the cost to buy already dehydrated bananas.

#2. Health: In todays’ society we have many concerns such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Sugar is the largest contribution to diabetes outside of genetics and salt is the large contribution to negative effects on high blood pressure. So where food dehydration fits in is you can control how much salt and sugar gets added into your food. Keep it as low as you want and you can make healthy snacks that can be loved by you and the whole family daily.

#3. Interaction: Food dehydration is something that can be done with parents and kids alike or just as a husband and wife. This is something that is simple and can even be fun experimenting and coming up with new thoughts. Not to say that it holds high entertainment value but its something that anyone can do and you get to make something that is not ordinary. We typically look at the kitchen for a few simple things; eating, cooking and baking now add a new element with food dehydration.

#4. Herbal: Drying herbs in the dehydrator are fantastic and simple to do. You can dehydrate parsely to make a fantastic dish garnish or even dry garlic to store and add to pastas and so on. Cats also benefit from a food dehydrator. You can dry catnip in the dehydrator and give it to the small feline so that he/she can delight in some added stimulation to their life. Drying herbs is simple and less work than putting them on a cookie sheet into the oven.

#5. Trips: If you like going on family trips and don’t want to spend a fortune in snacks then just make your own. Trips are a fun way to spend that off time but you are going to need snacks to keep everyone content. Easily make beef jerky or fruit snacks days before the trips and store. When you are ready to go just pack the snacks up and go as they are already ready to eat and have been stored up in enough quantity for the entire family. I know this takes away the fun from stopping at every gas station between home and your destination but I am sure you’ll find a more creative way to spend the time.

There are hundreds of more tips and reasons to own a food dehydrator and to practice food dehydration. Soon you’ll be on your way to learn one of the oldest methods of food storage and food preservation.

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