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Healthy Eating for Teenagers – Your Guide To Eating Healthily Despite Being a Teenager

It’s hard enough being a teenager without the thought of being nagged to eat healthily. After all, the person nagging you probably didn’t eat too well when they were a teenager, so why should you be any different? Besides, what’s a few burgers and chicken nuggets between friends?

Well, at the risk of sounding too much like your parents, there is an argument for eating healthily. At least some of the time, even if you can’t manage it every meal. After all, there are times when you are on the go, rushing here and there. It’s times like those that healthy eating guidelines are just a wish list.

Eating healthily, or at the very least not eating too unhealthily, means your energy levels are kept up. An unhealthy diet will lead you to highs and lows in your energy levels. High with the sugar rush then low as the sugar works its way out of your system. Ouch. Who wants to be on that kind of rebound, day in, day out?

If you can manage it, aim for three meals a day. Sure, grazing on snacks will get you round things but don’t make it your regular routine. Once or twice a week probably won’t hurt but daily will store up problems for that seemingly distant future.

Don’t skip meals!

No really, don’t.

Let your body know it will be fed regularly and it will treat you well in return.

Learn what the kitchen looks like and how to use it to prepare some of your food. Ideally without using the microwave (read up elsewhere if you want to be frightened about microwave ovens). Nothing complicated. In fact, it’s often the case that the simpler a meal is to prepare, the tastier it is. You don’t have lots of different tastes competing with each other. You might even impress your girl or boy friend if you can cook a tasty meal.

Cut out the colas and other sugary drinks. They won’t help your waistline but they will contribute to the highs and lows of those sugar rushes. Skip the diet versions as well, your body thinks they contain sugar and reacts accordingly. Plus they usually contain aspartame – enough said.

Eat slower. It’s not a race. Take the time to really notice your food and savor the taste.

Whilst the title says healthy-eating-for-kids.com/ Healthy Eating for Kids the teenagers we tested these recipes on loved them and found them simple to prepare as well.

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