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Cheese – Just The Word Is Yummy

Remember when your Mom had a plate full of “cheese and crackers” or a grilled cheese sandwich with your favorite soup. We can have some yummy memory. Well, we grew up, and learned that there is a lot more to cheese than crackers and a sandwich.

What if we could go back to prehistoric times? Now, imagine your watching a huge caveman pounding away at a large flat stone. Beside him sitting on a rock is his goat skin all tied up full of milk. It is a very hot day, and the mild is coagulating. Which came first the wheel or Cheese? Granted that is a loose definition of the birth of cheese but I reckon you are starting to know ; cheese has been around for a very long time. About 4000 years ago, people started to domestic, and breed animals. They make milk. Out of milk, curdled= solid nutritious food we call cheese. All kinks of animals produce milk that we make into over 400 types of cheese. Goat, sheep, cows water buffalo, camels, and yaks. I’m sure there are more, ( Yaks I have to try that one).

Rennet is used most of the time to induce coagulation; but, some cheeses are curdled with lemon juice, vinegar, or Cynara. Styles of cheese and there unique taste and consistency are a result of using different species of bacteria, and molds.
The variations of making cheese are numerous. Aging, mold wash, pulling, just to name a few. When we finally slice, cut, or grade our cheese and smell the aroma, taste the tartness, dryness, or creamy textures, we are in ” Cheese Heaven.”

Cheese can complement so many of our other foods and drink. What’s wine without cheese and how about that cold beer watching your favorite NFL team? We like soft cheese, hard cheese, creamy cheese, salty cheese, strong cheese, and fruity cheese. Cheeses come from different regions all having distinctive flavors. Swiss, French, Italian, Spanish, American, and this is just the beginning. By now you must be hungry. I learned some fantastic places to indulge my desires for cheese of all kinds. Visit SimplyMyOpinion.com/ SimplyMyOpinion.com/ and delight in!

Robert Timmons is an Artist and Antique Dealer, who enjoys writhing about things he likes. Presently he is basking in the warm June sun on the Nature Coast of central Florida.

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