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Bottled Water – Good or Bad?

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. You feel you have heard it before, recollecting those horror scenes showing victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, torrential rain and flood. No. It is the mantra of everybody – From Australia to Iceland, from Hawaii to San Francisco people are frightened to drink water directly from any source. Bottled water carries a declaration that it is 100% pure and free from bacteria and other harmful substances, and is accepted by us as safe to drink.

Our body’s demand for water is called thirst. It is quenched by an intake of water.
Is pure bottled water needed? Why not some salts and minerals? Why remove the life saving minerals through osmosis? Many authorities, doing research in human health questions the habit of drinking pure water. They say leeching of minerals through osmosis is not needed and not natural. Is our body genetically designed to accept pure water? Is pure water excellent for our health? These are the questions many scientists question now.

Pure bottled water is one of the largest businesses in many developing countries now. The populations of these countries which used to carry their drinking water (mostly drawn from the communal wells) or drink directly from the water taps in railway stations are brain washed to reckon only pure water in bottles are fit to drink.

Even the people in developed countries cultivated their bias against water available from various sources in public places only a couple of decades ago.

Sustained researches about communities drinking a special source of water such as the fabled Hunza water shows that the citizens of Hunza lived up to 150 years drinking this water. Various studies points towards water for the longevity and other traits found in Hunza.

It is not only the fabled Hunza but also the springs of Lourdes, the well of Mexico, the Nordeneau Caves in Germany and the Indian Nadana springs are found to be undergoing ionization process naturally during its passage through earth. These waters are found to be one of the greatest antioxidant full of hydrogen and negatively charged. So water with various minerals is proven to be beneficial to the human body.

Arguments for and against pure bottled water will continue to rage as along as our body’s demand for fluid continues. Depending upon the results of the ongoing researches, opinions for and against bottled water will continue to flourish without any end.

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