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The Salad Trap: Why Salads are Usually the Devil

Fresh, green, loaded with vegetables and all our other favorite toppings, the salad has satisfied dieters and non-dieters alike for years. Dieters always turn to the salad as a clear indicator that their new “diet” has commenced. A newly dieting person sometimes will comment on how they are “trying to eat more salads and fresh vegetables” instead of their former fatty fares. They proudly order up these green, leafy bowls of goodness with all certainty that their health will improve and their waistlines will diminish. I see these seemingly proud types of people nearly daily, yet usually it’s with some trepidation.

The salad, with all of its pure ingredients is usually a fantastic choice to make come mealtime, yet one needs to be sure that these healthy ingredients stay that way. The largest killer to these salads is the obvious culprit: that large packet of dressing that accompanies it. Dressing, which is nearly always served in copious amounts, is added to add flavor and body to a food that is usually unsubstantial. This flavor and body that the dressing added is why the salad tastes so excellent (same concept applies to a cheeseburger). The key here is to use the said dressing in either: very light amounts; a low-stout substitute; or not at all. Simple as that. The dressing on a salad renders an otherwise healthy meal into something that is going to work against you.

This pattern of oiling-up and adding unwanted calories to healthy foods is one of the most deceptive facets of The Stout Mentality. It is deceptive due in large part to the fact that stout and calories show up even in some of the most unlikely and cunning of places (e.g. the salad). This is why there is always homework to be done no matter when and where one is eating. Information on what you are consuming can be found at even at the dimmest dwelling places of The Stout Mentality: quick food restaurants and chain restaurants. Simply question to see a copy of the nutritional menu before instantly plunging into a diet disaster. Also, most packets and bottles of dressings will have their health content clearly spelled out on the back of the package. What you see may come as a surprise. Surely a more informed person will be better able to avoid such disasters, especially when it comes to salad dressings.

As a way of “beefing up” a light salad, try adding a few strips of lean chicken breast or cottage cheese for added protein. Other excellent alternatives include olives, avocado, and nuts. Within moderation, these items will add healthy body to your salad while possibly lessening a need to over-dress it.

With time you will be ale to find a dressing that suits your taste and nutritional needs and stick with it. I personally found an obscure brand of French dressing at my favorite bulk supermarket that is healthy and tastes fantastic. The dressing has 3 grams of stout and about 80 calories per serving. I keep a bottle of it at my office and at home to ensure that I don’t slip up with the included packet of buttermilk ranch next time I eat a salad. Secondly, as dieters get more savvy, so to do restaurants and supermarkets. Most restaurants will have a low calorie option on their menu, and supermarkets most always will have a wide array suited to your needs.

The key aspect of stepping away from The Stout Mentality is to know what is in the food you are eating. Most adhering to The Stout Mentality simply settle on whatever is handed to them at a restaurant or whatever tastes the best. This is where a proactive approach is crucial. Know what is in your salad before you eat it.

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