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10 Facts About Chocolate

Chocolate is something that just about everyone has tried at some point and chocolate is something that many people like.Such is the power of chocolate in fact, that books. movies and even songs have been written about it. Below we look at 10 facts about chocolate.

1. Chocolate may have some health benefits. A lot of people talk about whether or not chocolate is healthy or unhealthy. Generally that are a lot of calories is many chocolate candies but studies have also shown that some chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, is rich in flavonoids because of the high percentage of cocoa. The antiociant value of these ingredients is thought to be beneficial to us, provided we do not overdue it.

2. Chocolate varieties. There are dozens of different types of chocolate and these can range from milk, dark and white chocolate through to chocolate defined by its percentage of cocoa content. It is even possible to get chocolate which is 100% although this for me tasted a small too extreme.

3. The invention of chocolate. There are many disputed with regards to when chocolate was invented. It is said that the Olmec Indians first grew cocoa beans many years BC.

4. Cocoa trees used to grow wildly in the Amazon area according to botanists. It is a few thousand years later though that the cocoa tree is thought to have been used for eating.

5. Baking chocolate is said to have been invented in 1765, when Doctor J. Baker and his associate used their wooden mill to make what we know call baking chocolate.

6. Chocolates with various fillings are said to have been invented in 1913 by Jules Sechaud in Switzerland. Jules made a way of making chocolates such that they could have fillings inside the chocolate.

7. In America, one of the largest names in chocolate, Hershey, were founded in 1871 by Milton Hershey. Still in his teens, Milton started what one of the huge chocolate companies, a company which still produce huge volumes in the States.

8. In Europe, the explorer Christopher Columbus is thought to be responsible for introducing the cocoa bean to the European continent. Columbus is thought to have brought back cocoa beans on his return from the New World, in 1504.

9. In the U.K., one of the largest names in chocolate through the years has been Cadbury’s. Cadbury’s were founded in 1824 by Mr John Cadbury. John opened up his first chocolate shop in 1824 and now Cadbury’s is a massive chocolate manufacturer.

10. To survive and thrive, cocoa trees need to be grown in certain climatic conditions. These trees need heat and thus thrive more in areas such as Africa, the West Indian Islands and in the Far East.

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