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Facts About Bottled Water

Drinking water can be divided into two large categories: the olfactory, bacteria-infected, poisonous tap water and the nice, cheap, disinfected, cleansed, plant-prepared bottled water. The problem is that these two groups are more often confused to the extent that we even don’t know what we are drinking. Tap water can be infected with higher degree of poisonous substances, which serves by no means as an assertion that boiled water is the best option.

There are a lot of validated proofs that bottled water can be really mistrustful. Take for example the fact that we use it only for DRINKING. What happens when we are taking a shower, when we are cleaning the dishes, washing our teeth? We use the ordinary tap water. We don’t buy bottles for every usage of water in our homes. Which amounts to the same quantity of both bottled and tap water being infused into our bodies: either by direct consumption or by infusion into the pores, the ears, the nose, the mouth when washing. So, we are bacteria- infected either ways. Why don’t let go of those preposterous beliefs that bottled water will guard us from the numerous bacteria which flow all around?

Another proof can be the infiltration system used by many bottling plants. Bottled water is being cleaned from bacteria only once before it is sipped into the bottles. That is certain to lift the question what if some bacteria survived the unreliable filtering systems? This immediately brings to a practical mind that buying water is a waste of money. This fact has been alluded in the name of a well-known mark bottled water: read vice versa, it means NAIIVE in French and English. What more eye-hammering hint can be given to signify that we are really getting sheer nothing for our money?

Thus, it is better to name bottled water semi-clean. There is no valid test to distinguish clean water from unclean water. There are bacteria everywhere. Anyway, there are some things that really distinguish bottled water (or let it call less-bacteria-containing water) from the really infected one. That is the rotten smell of canalization which is spread when using tap water. You can smell it when washing your dishes, for example. If you really distinguish it, this will mean that you’d better buy bottled water, no matter the feeling of being cheated. Bottled water is not so expensive, and sometimes it can be really excellent to use, especially when it comes to drinking large amount of bacteria daily.

Let alone the ice filling, teeth washing, bathing and showering, planting your vegetables and such minor activities. A small amount of bacteria hasn’t harmed anyone. The real distress starts when drinking it regularly. That’s’ what bottled water is trying to reduce, and it should be a naivete to ignore the fact.

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