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Cayanne – Lemon – Ginger Blast – Super Healing And Cleansing Recipe

(From the Christ’s Assembly Newsletter)

Cayenne can not be under estimated in its fantastic healing powers. First of all I must say that nearly all peppers are relatives of the well known red cayenne pepper, and all are equally, and the hotter ones are BETTER than the red cayenne. Raw Habinero peppers or jalapeños are some of the best quality.

So the first and most vital ingredient is raw, or dried / powdered hot peppers.

(You can also take this separately for fantastic results as well. Just stir in a glass of water. You can take it several times a day. For major healing needs take 5 times a day. It will never effect your excellent flora like garlic does. Adding the lemon and ginger only further enhance the benefits. For offsetting the heat lemon or apple juice helps quite a deal if you reckon you can’t handle it.)

(note on heat effects: It is only heat and doesn’t hurt the stomach. If it is unbearable then wash it down with a lot of water. The cayenne gets the circulation going in those areas. So if you have not been taking care of yourself lately or eating toxic foods, or have problems it wouldn’t be terrible even if you vomited. It also is one of the best things for moving the bowel. Getting circulation to those vital parts of the body. Without circulation these areas get diseased , cut off from life, decay and die. All the stimulation is vital for life & healing to reach not only those vital organs but cleansing & bringing circulation to the rest of the body).

(note on the digestion: If you ate acidic foods or have a full stomach when you take the ginger blast or cayenne you may experience adverse effects. It is best on a somewhat empty stomach).

The second most vital ingredient is the Ginger. The ginger brings circulation & cleansing into your most outer extremities.

The third most vital ingredient is the lemon which also helps bring the circulation to those outer extremities such as fingers & toes, and the bioflavonoids in it help it effect connective tissues and the like.

The fourth ingredient is not needed, but for some who reckon they can’t handle the heat should add fresh apple juice.

Mix it or juice it how you desire. You can increase your need & ability , use 3-4 jalapeños , three times a day if that’s your level.

If you’re using only the cayenne powder then mix it in warm water, and at least 5 times a day.

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Rev. Knott is a writer for the Christ’s Assembly Newsletter
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