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Celebrate the History of Licorice

What taste could spark a memory you question? Well, only one of the most delectable tastes in all history. A succulent sweet loved by kings, prophets, and pharaohs. A tasty sweetie used in food, drink, medicine, and maybe the best of all, CANDY! It is none other than licorice, and it has been around since the first recordings of time itself.

Throughout the long history of licorice it has been used for various purposes. Warriors would consume a licorice drink for stamina and thirst quenching. The Egyptians and those like Alexander the Fantastic even had an occasional licorice beverage. Licorice has also been used as a healing agent, and is in fact still used today for throat coughs and ulcers.

In spite of all its medicinal qualities, its most well loved quality is its wonderful sweetness and its use in candies. It can be found around the world: In the United States of course, and in Germany, England, the Netherlands, and Nordic countries. Its popularity knows no boundary.

In 1914 the American Licorice Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois. Black Vines were born that year and have remained a well loved treat ever since. The chewy black goodness evolved into “yummies” such as: Black Crows, Licorice Snaps, Black Scotties, and an all time favorite, Excellent and Plenty. My favorite was a product call “Allsorts.” These were originally manufactured in England and looked like gorgeous candy jewels with licorice surrounded by pink, blue, and yellow confections. They were cut into squares, cylinders, and rounds; usually layered so you could see the licorice in the center of say a pink round candy. The look was tempting and the taste magnificent. You can still buy these today.

Eventually, in 1920 the classic Raspberry Vines made their debut, and while they weren’t really licorice, they became synonymous with licorice because they were produced by the same company and had the same chewy characteristics as real black licorice. But, red licorice is made with strawberry or cherry extracts; they are not made with the licorice root, therefore, they don’t taste anything like black licorice, but are tasty in their own right.

Licorice has been used for kinds of purposes throughout the ages. One thing that stands right is the tastiness and the memories we get when licorice is on our palate. We reminisce a bit about when life seemed to go a bit slower, or when grandpa would hand us a licorice morsel out of his jar. Whatever the memory is, there is no denying the history and goodness of a licorice treat!

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