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It was 9 am and I had just arrived at my computer wholesaler in Brisbane. As I walked into the entrance area I sensed that smell of roasting coffee across the way a new coffee wholesaler had opened. It was my favorite drink COFFEE I could always smell it whenever it was being made .

I walked over to the warehouse run by two guys who finished up friends of mine, Tim and Jason and dispensed with my greeting in a usual cheerful manner. “Hi fellas. Can I get a 2 kilo bag of beans out one raced with a cup and gave me a small black espresso straight up!” I looked at my partner nearly despairingly. and said, “How do they do it, get the coffee so smooth that is.”

Yes, I was wondering it to my partner said. Our ritual is to have a Latte’ Grande’ a 500ml mug every morning before anything else. In the past it was sometimes they are bitter others not. As I was about to polish off my second cup of coffee Tim questioned, So what is up?

I responded, Nothing, everything is perfect.” There was a small pause. I suddenly remember an article I read two days ago in the local daily about the excellent and terrible points on freezing coffee. I thought to myself… These guys like talking coffee, I will pose the question. To which a heated debate started.

Fresh my… and by the time Tim could end I had to intervene. I could not believe such a heated debate could be caused over whether coffee was better frozen or left at room temperature. “Fellas, come on, lets not quarrel. You are both right,” I suggested to them trying to make the peace. Anyway, I want to stay and chat but I have got to go.

As I walked upstairs to the weights room it suddenly struck me that here we have two guys, both long time coffee lovers like myself and who own their own cafe, yet have differing opinions on coffee. Personally, I always freeze my coffee, but that is just the way I like it. How about you?

Coffee is one of OUR favorite subjects. My mom used to make me warm milk with a dash of coffee and lots of sugar. I loved to have milk coffee biscuits to dip or dunk in it. And you know what. I still do!

Coffee is just about every ones favourite drink topic. Nearly daily there is a new study done somewhere in the world about why we should cut down on coffee; in fact in a number of recent studies coffee up to 12 cups is ok up to 6 will help you lose weight. We like it and we should know we have spent over $6000 on machinery personally to make it better in the last 5 years.

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