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Beginner Wine Making Kit

The best wine making kit you can buy, are the things you will find on this list. I also added a definition of the terms, in case you are not sure what it is. First, you need a primary and a secondary. This is a six or seven gallon plastic white bucket, and then either 6-7 apple juice gallon jugs, or 3 to 5 gallon carboys (a large glass or plastic jug usually with a handle and a spigot or plastic tubing at the bottom for drainage.)

An airlock and bung is the mechanism that it the “cap” for the fermentation. It allows passage of carbon dioxide made from the yeast fermenting, without any oxygen entering the wine. A hydrometer and a hydrometer jar looks like a test tube and a thermometer. It is used to check the specific gravity (thickness) of the wine, as well as the alcohol content percentage. A siphon hose is just what it is . . . to siphon the wine from one jug to another and getting rid of the sediment every time the wine is transferred.

There are a ton of chemicals used to help in the winemaking process. An acid blend adds the vinegar (sour) quality to the wine, and helps the yeast and sugar work to its potential. Pectic Enzymes breaks up the pectin (gelatinous substance) that some higher sugar content fruits can release. Grape Tannin is the acid that essentially gives the wine its “bite” or “zest.” Campden Tablets help to sanitize the equipment and add sulfur dioxide to the must before fermentation. Potassium Sorbate, and Potassium Metabisulfite are used in place of Campden Tablets.

The wine yeast and its yeast nutrient are what start the fermentation. The wine yeast is the bacteria that are living bacteria, and break down the sugar into smaller sugar alcohols (makes the wine alcoholic). The yeast nutrient is generally the “growth hormones” for the yeast, even though the sugar is considered the yeasts’ “food.” A nylon-straining bag, is the replacement to the large sieve that you can squeeze the juice from the pulp. It is also called a grain bag, and can be place into the jug before the mixture, so it can capture the sediment, and is simpler to remove the sediment and clean.

Last, you need corks, a corker, and bottles for the final product. Size #9 is the most standard of bottle corks, and you really need to buy excellent quality corks for the process. A corker is the instrument that will secure the corks inside the bottles firmly. Usually, you will need five 750-ml bottles per every US gallon of wine.

The above items are for the beginner winemaker. If you are interested in advanced equipment, it is best to get several more items like a gram scale, acid test kit, pH meter, SO2 test kit, grape or fruit press, crusher, and a floor corker.

Okay okay, enough of the facts. Let’s place some of this knowledge to use. You’re about to access over 190 homemade wine recipes. 190! You can pick and choose, make them all, or just open up your own house to friends who are looking to get into this fantastic leisure activity.
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