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Service Calling In Restaurants

With food and beverages being the first hand commodity, restaurants and coffee ‎shops strive to deliver better services to meet higher customer expectations. Successful ‎hospitality businesses compete to deliver value as a key factor to influence customer ‎perception and preference. Value is not just measured by the quality of food, but ‎most importantly by the ambiance and quality of service a restaurant can offer. ‎Delivering value is achieved by investing in restaurant infrastructure and streamlining ‎the underlying business processes. This is done by investing in interior design, ‎decoration and state of the art equipment to deliver highest levels of quality and ‎comfort.‎

Hospitality business is all about service, and service is dependent on communication ‎and perception. So it is crucial for business owners to seek new ways to better ‎communicate with their customers while efficiently managing restaurant resources. ‎The wireless bell system achieves these two goals, by pleasing the customer and ‎cutting on the time wastage. By Installing the wireless bell system, restaurant owners ‎can make sure that their customers have simple access to the restaurant waiters any ‎time they choose to. Some restaurants and coffee shops went beyond this by ‎providing their staff with wireless hand held PDA to manage and track guest orders. ‎Combined with the wireless bell system, this will speedup order processing and ‎improve order tracking and accounting.‎

In small, the wireless bell system is the best choice to add value to the restaurant ‎business. It is honestly inexpensive, and efficient.‎
Find below frequently questioned questions about the wireless bell system
What is the wireless bell system?‎
It is a nice small dome or square shape with wooden pattern end bell fixed on the ‎tables in restaurants, coffee shops and hotel loopy to help clients and guests to call for ‎service whenever they want.‎

How dose it work?‎
Wireless bell system consists of one show screen and many remote table bells, each ‎bell programmed with specific unique number. Whenever the customer pushes the ‎bell button, the table number will appear on the show screen along with melody ‎sound.‎
What are the main benefits of the wireless bell system?
• No more waving, signal, finger snapping or shouting to call the waiter.
• Increase sales with quicker and prompt service in the restaurant.
• Enhance efficiency of service with lower number of waiters.
• Perfect solution for restaurants with out-of-site tables.
• Simple to install within 5 minutes, no wiring required.
• Applicable whenever customers or visitors need to call for help or service ‎in Restaurants, Cafe, Business Firms, and office boy calling. Huge show rooms ‎and Exhibitions Snooker & Bowling clubs.
How wireless bell system will increase our income?
• With 10 tables in the ground floor and 5 tables in the first floor, instead of hiring ‎one waiter to serve the 5 tables; restaurant owners can simply install the bell ‎system on those tables and whenever the customers needs to question for service ‎they will push the bell.
• Wireless bell system will increase table turn over and reduce time wasted while ‎customers are waiting for waiters
• Updating the restaurant or coffee shop with the latest technology will attract ‎more customers and deliver better quality and value
• Wireless bell system will enhance service efficiency and provide customers with ‎prompt VIP service that will make them feel satisfied
• The system will help maintain better ambiance by controlling the noise level. ‎Hence, make the restaurant more appealing for diners
How many show screens do we need to install in our restaurant?

At least you need one show screen and you can fix as many bells you need up to 99 ‎bells, fix the show screen at the reception counter or at the waiter’s area and ‎distribute the bells on the tables. For huge restaurant you can fix more than one show ‎screen to work together or separately each screen with a group of tables.‎

Do we need a technician to install the wireless bell system?‎
No, the system is very simple and can be installed within 5 minutes, the system package ‎include operation manual which will guide you step by step through the installation of ‎the show screen on the wall using the screws included in the package and it clarify ‎how to fix the bell on the table. Usually all bells come with double side sticker, bells are ‎factory pre-programmed with unique numbers. Bell numbers can be changed easily ‎as clarified in the operation manual.‎
Act quick and improve your restaurant service by making it simpler for the customer and ‎more efficient for the staff.‎

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