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Health Benefits Of Avocado

The name ‘Avocado’ comes from the Aztec word ‘ahuacatl’, avocados are also referred to as the ‘Alligator Pear’ because of there shape and leathery skin. Avocados are the fruit from a tall evergreen tree called the Persea Americana, there are many different varieties of avocado and they generally fit into three main categories, the West Indian, the Guatemalean and the Mexican which all differ in size and flavour.

The avocado is packed full of nutrients, the flesh of the fruit is a rich source of vitamin E and potassium. It has the highest protein content of any fruit, the avacado only starts to ripen when it is cut from the tree.

Avocado contains a monosaturated stout called oleic acid, this is believed to lower total and LDL cholesterol levels and promote the excellent HDL cholesterol, it also protects against breast cancer. Avocados can help to protect against high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke because of they have a high content of the mineral potassium which guards against these diseases. The high concentration of carotenoids and tocopherols within avocados are known to protect against prostrate cancer.

A word of caution, some people who have latex allergies may also be allergic to avocados because they contain an enzymes called chitinases and are treated by a gas called ethylene to induce ripening.


• Copper

• Beta-carotene

• Folic acid

• Iron

• Phosphorus

• Potassium

• Vitamin B3

• Vitamin B5

• Vitamin E

• Vitamin K


• Simple to digest

• Prevents anaemia

• Excellent acid-alkaline balance

• Excellent for the blood

• High in monosaturated fats

• Excellent source of vitamin E and potassium


• High in calories

• Can cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to latex

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