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Preparation Hints For Making Candies (Part 2)


Place one pound of granulated sugar into a saucepan; add one pint of water and bring slowly to boiling-point; then remove the scum from the surface. Place on the 3 lid, and boil for four minutes to allow the condensing steam to clear any crystals of sugar from the sides of the pan.

Boil gently for twenty-five minutes.

Remove from the fire, allow it to cool, and bottle for use.


After making the syrup in the usual way pour it in a steady stream over the stiffly beaten whites of eggs, allowing two whites of eggs to one pound of sugar.

Return to the pan and simmer till the whites have coagulated and risen to the surface. Strain and the syrup will be clear.


Separate the whites very carefully from the yolks of the eggs, for if any particles of the yolks mix with the whites they will prevent their rising properly.

An egg separator is a handy small article for manipulating eggs. It consists of a small round disk made of aluminum, with a center cup for holding the yolk of an egg, while the white drops through an opening surrounding the cup.

It is best to place the separator on the top of a tumbler, so that when the egg is broken the white will fall into the glass without danger of losing any of it. One or two whites of eggs are best beaten on a platter with a broad-bladed knife, three or more being whipped in a basin with an egg-beater. Always beat eggs in a cool place and take care that the basin is dry and clean.

Beat until they are stiff enough to form a firm and substantial froth.


Cover the nuts with cold water, then bring to boiling-point, and boil for five minutes. Plunge into cold water, drain, and rub off the skins.


With a sharp knife make a slit in each chestnut; place them into boiling water for four minutes, take out, and dry thoroughly. Then melt three tablespoonfuls of butter in a saucepan, and toss the chestnuts about in it until every nut is coated and very hot.

It will then be found that with the aid of a sharp-pointed knife both skins can be easily removed together, leaving the nut whole, and ready for subsequent manipulations.


Sprinkle some desiccated or chopped coconut on grease-proof paper; add a small color, and rub evenly throughout. Dry and keep in glass jars or cans for use.


Place two ounces of the best gum arabic and half a cupful of water into a double boiler, and stir occasionally over hot water.

When quite melted strain it through a piece of fine muslin. Have some pieces of glass, very clean and well polished. Dip a stiff brush into the gum, brush it lightly over the glass, and dry in a warm room.

When quite dry and set, scrape or brush it off. The brilliantine may be rolled with a rolling-pin or left in tiny flakes.

It is used for spangling candies. Color may be added to it if liked.

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