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Preventing Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can easily develop in food if it is not stored probably at the right temperatures and in the right place. Food stored at warm temperatures will attract the multiplication of organisms that can get into your food and cause food poisoning. Foods like most meats, vegetables, fruit and dairy products will need to be refrigerated or stored in a cold room, particularly if you live in an area with warm humid weather where the growth of bacteria and organisms is accelerated.

Liquid dairy products like milk and crème should always be pasteurized or treated in a way to stop outbreaks of staphylococcus infections that can add to the growth of bacteria in raw milk before it is heat treated. This can also apply to cheese and ice cream. Canned meats have also been believed to caused outbreaks of staphylococcus infections so it is vital to make sure that they are sealed properly and that they are sterilized right.

Although all of the above can cause food poisoning, the simplest way to cause food poisoning is with your hands, hands are a very vital element in the spreading of food poisoning and will cause a quick spread throughout your food if you don’t maintain hygiene. Food poisoning can spread between preparation of different food and even between raw foods and cooked foods. To make sure that this does not occur, particularly in raw meat and poultry make sure that you wash your hand in warm soapy water, utensils that are used to prepare these foods should also be well cleaned.

Here are a few rules for keeping hygiene:

Buy food only from clean places
make sure your containers are clean
Keep your family foods away from pet foods and the utensils that go with them
Always wash hand before preparing food
Wash fruit and vegetables under running water before eating or using
Make sure that cuts and sores are covered and sealed, if you are not well and in the kitchen
take extra care when preparing foods
Keep food that has been cooked either really hot or really cool, if you are warming leftovers make sure they are warmed well all the way through
Keep benches and working surfaces clean, to clean use hot soapy water
Stacked washed dishes to drain and when using a cloth to dry make sure they are clean
Keep the lid on your kitchen bin.

Finally here are a few rules that apply to your refrigerator:

Do not keep cooked food or meat for more than three days in the refrigerator
Keep raw and cooked food separately and covered so that you are sure that foods won’t mix
Do not overflow the refrigerator, allow room for air to circulate around the fridge so that its contents can cool
Ensure that the refrigerator is kept between 2 and 4 degrees

With these few tips and thoughts you should be able to keep food poisoning from infecting your foods and giving you and your family a disease.

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