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How Do You Use A French Press?

The ins and outs of the French Press

Is it even possible now days to have an absolutely best tasting, most full flavored coffee without traveling to South America? It is! And all the huge coffee house know it too. That is why they are selling the ever gaining well loved French Press. Now at first glance it looks like something fantastic-granny on the wagon train might have had to make coffee. Well, except it now comes in stainless steel and slick black rubber. But the French Press is really quite new. Yes, the Europeans had it before us, but even at that it is still considered a newer gadget in the kitchen.

The French Press, even for coffee lovers is a small intimidating to say the least. I mean, it consists of a glass beaker, and a plunger. Where is the plug in? Well, there is none. Meet the newest, non electric, coffee maker. Promising to give you the best cup of coffee available and right in the quietness of your own house. So how does it work?

First off – place on some water to boil. Why that is going, run the glass part of the French press under warm water to warm the glass. This will keep the heat in the press and will not cool down the water you place in.

Next – Grind your choice of coffee bean into a coarse grind. The coarseness of the bean will allow the natural oils to seep into the water quicker. Grinding your own coffee when needed, will give you the best flavor too. Add the recommended amount to your press.

Now as soon as the water hit’s a boil turn off the heat and allow the water to quit boiling. This means, you do not want to see the bubbles in the water. As soon as it has cooled enough you can pour it into the press. Make sure to keep the plunger up at the top. You do not want it to get into the coffee grounds yet as you might get some of the grounds on top of the screen.

Wait approximately one minute than swirl the coffee grounds and water around. You’ll want to see a circular motion of the beans swirling in the water. You can also take a non-metal spoon and stir it up. Replace the lid.

After about 2 to 3 minutes longer you are ready to plunge. Using the plunger go from the top slowly, evenly, down towards the bottom. If you do it slow enough the coffee grounds will not be able to get around the screen. Continue pushing down until you have all the coffee grounds at the bottom and the plunger is still in place holding them down. You may now pour your coffee into a mug and delight in your new found talent of making coffee in the French Press.

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