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Penny Pinching Cooking Tips

Stop going out to dinner! Period! – O.K. if you’re family is screaming at you then take them out maybe once a month. Make it an occasion. Most of us get caught up in quick paced living and eat out more frequent then we really should. It’s just an insane waste of money. Remember that the cost of dinner for four at a nice restaurant can feed the family for a week or more.

So what is the first Penny Pinching Cooking Tip? That’s it, COOK!

Cooking can be a problem when you don’t have all of the right ingredients but there are penny pinching substitutes. You can still cook like a pro and use what’s available.

What I am trying to do is show you how to save money and give different cooking tips. Looking on the web, everybody and their brother has recipes. I have place in a few recipes, but mostly cooking tips to pinch those pennies and stretch those dollars.

Some substitutions and varying ways to save money, still serving your family tasty and healthy food. How to use what is on hand in your kitchen if you don’t have the exact item.

ROAST BEEF cooking tip

Simple, use your crock pot. Place your potatoes carrots and onions in the bottom and place your roast on top. Pour a pkg of onion soup mix over and add a cup of water. Turn on low and by the time you get home from work you will have a deliciously cooked meal to serve.

• Don’t have onion soup mix, substitute!!
Crush a couple beef bouillon cubes and add some dried onion flakes, you will never know the difference.

Want a small different flavor? Instead of water, pour in a cup of bourbon or a cup of wine (any kind). The alcohol cooks out, so don’t let that be a worry.


Now that you have leftover roast beef, you can make stroganoff. Cut your beef into small cubes, heat through with a can of mushroom soup, stir in a cup of sour cream and if you want add a small bit of red wine; serve over hot buttered noodles.

• Don’t have any sour cream? Substitute!!
Do you have a cup of cottage cheese? Place I cup of cottage cheese, 5 Tbs of milk and 1 Tbs of lemon juice in the blender and blend until smooth and creamy.


Use your crock pot. Place your chicken pieces (any pieces will do, drumsticks, thighs or whole cut up) in the crock pot. Add a can of cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, cream of celery, or creamy tomato. You could even use bar-b-que sauce. Cook on low and when you are ready to eat, serve over rice or noodles. Your family will like you.

• Don’t have creamy tomato, but have a can of regular tomato soup? Make your own, simply add a half can of milk and blend together. You could even make it spicy by adding some salsa or Tabasco.


Don’t know what to do with that small bit of mashed potatoes? Make potato pancakes. Stir the potatoes with some milk and baking powder. The consistency of regular pancakes. Fry in a small bit of butter or margarine, making them about the size of dollar pancakes.

If you wish add some onion or grated cheese or both. Serve with sour cream or spread cheese. Tasty!!


Want a change from ordinary plain green beans? Take a can of green beans and drain. Cook until heated through in a pan or in the microwave, add a small butter to coat and add garlic salt or garlic powder and sour cream or mayonnaise. Tasty!! Even my children who didn’t like vegetables loved them this way.


Use chopped onions all the time, but tired of chopping every time you need them?

Prepare ahead. Buy that bag of onions and chop all of them to the size you like. Spread out on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer. After they are frozen, place into a zip lock bag and place back in the freezer. Ready to use anytime you need them.

I believe in the saying that a penny saved is a penny earned and if you want to learn more penny pinching tips check out Grandma’s web site at: pennypinching-grandma.com

Cal Bolton is the webmaster for Grandma who is the actual content provider of: pennypinching-grandma.com pennypinching-grandma.com

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