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Healthy Eating: Break Free From Your Food Cravings And Win Your Healthy Eating Quest…

Are you aware of your cravings? When facing a healthy eating plot the real foe is the craving! If you have lost the same 30 lbs with every new product hailed to dissolve belly stout or whatever, confront your cravings. The diet industry is betting that you don’t. This time win your healthy eating quest.

Be brutally honest when opening your awareness. Research shows most people would deny any cravings until pushed into noticing their actions.

Honestly answer these questions. What do you eat when you are nervous, feeling restless, bored, need excitement or want to feel excellent? What must you have everyday at break time, first thing after work, when your friends visit, and last thing at night? Hint! Make a list! Notice if you want mostly sugary drinks, commercial bake goods derived from sugar and white flour, white bread with 1gram or less of fiber, milk chocolate, potatoes, commercial chips and hard candy.

Have a powerful reason!
I want to get into a size 8 bridesmaid dress in 30 days! This is a quest for temporary weight loss. I want to loose weight to be more pleased, healthier and more fulfilled! This can bring lasting results and leads to permanent healthy eating changes.

Sages and gurus call this transformation. This is a change in your level of consciousness and your perception of food that leave you looking, acting, and feeling like a winner. I call this the butterfly effect – from caterpillar to butterfly.

What food kept you in bliss as a child? I recall hot cocoa with loads of condensed milk. The moment of power is when you identify, list and claim your bliss cravings. Cravings are supported by the limbic part of your brain. This emotional power station is in charge of feelings that unconsciously keep you pleased and contented. It does not like to be challenged. This requires massive action. Anything less usually results in failure.

Consciously overhaul every part of your eating. Every thing counts! Chart your progress daily. At the end of each day record 5 successes you had with managing your craving.

For instance, you can state:
1. I am so pleased that I replaced the sweet sugary morning cereal I‘ve been eating since childhood with a fibrous grain.
2. I drank a flavorful herbal tea without sugar.
3. I mixed my orange juice with half water to reduce the sugar.
4. I had a sandwich with seven grain bread.
5. I bought and drank bottled water at break. You might be at the edge of your comfort zone. But this action will reprogram your limbic system.

So record your progress. This keeps you consciously competent. Moves your motivation way up and guarantees wellness success. People achieve success with healthy eating everyday and so can you!

Consider this! Pure creativity boosts change. New appreciation for the colors, size and shapes of food can be exciting. Green protein powder in smoothies completely turned one of my clients around. With her sugar craving gone she chose the Warm Duck Salad over the Sesame Chicken. She garnered all the benefits and kept her comfort in tact. She is now the architect and artist of her own body- mind and soaring spirit. If Oprah Winfrey did this she would lose her grip on the diet Yo–Yo.

Use seasonal fresh food in the vegetable section of a grocery store to excite your curiosity and your palate. Seek out food that you never had as a child. Once you conquer your craving, only then can you restructure your diet with success guaranteed. Then use your passion about food to help you experience daily joy and contentment.

Celia Westberry is an author, speaker and wellness lifestyle coach. She helps clients to reprogram their minds and bodies to have a personal relationship with food to be more pleased, healthier and more contented.
Her book Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly – the simple way to slow aging, feel, fantastic and look excellent has glycemic ready recipes to help you Start Over with healthy eating. Visit her at westberrywellnessprograms.com

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