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A Vegetarian in Mind, But Not in Deed

I fall in the unique category of being a vegetarian in mind, but not in deed; I eat fish and products that may contain animal produce (cheese, biscuits etc) but what is it all about, this difference of opinion between omnivores, carnivores and vegetarians?

Some veggies exist because they don’t like cruelty to animals; despite the artificially-advertised world of ‘animals are looked after’, it’s always going to come down to the bottom line of killing a living creature in order to eat its flesh.

Well, okay, some people say we need meat to survive and thrive; this, despite humans not having the teeth or stomach capabilities of right carnivores – we need to cook meat in order to digest it, which is something of enigma if we are to believe the Ancient Wives’ Tale that it’s a ‘natural’ source of food. Our teeth are also shaped to bite nuts and fruits – note the difference between shark or cat teeth and the human variety; we are not meant to chew raw meat.

Health wise, a bit of a dilemma: some essential vitamins can only readily be found in meat – unless you want to harvest obscure crops like seaweed; yet consensus of opinion says that a veggie diet is better – certainly, the Mediterranean diet of olives and oils, fruit, rice, pasta, has been proven to be a healthy way to keep hearts and bodies from seizing up prematurely; the British diet has caused a vast increase in heart and artery-related problems, compared to the healthier regime of Italians, for example.

Obesity reigns, and much of this is caused by the consumption of ‘unhealthy’ foods, particularly those that contain processed ingredients such as trans fatty acids – these are the things that block arteries and cause heart attacks.

But, society dictates that it just isn’t simple to maintain a healthy diet and conform to the wishes of others – including pressures of modern living.

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