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Brisket Tips

Cook your brisket under your butt for better flavor

Marinade overnight in Moore’s marinade.

Keep the cooking temp constant at 235.

Allow up to 2 hours per pound to cook.

No two briskets are alike in the way they cook.

Adding beef flavoring is excellent, you want the result to taste like prime rib.

Use only the flat for your slices.

Lay the pieces in the box “shingle” style, exposing the smoke ring.

Cook the point and flat separately

Use the point for your chopped parts, it has more stout and is go flavorful.

Cut your slices ¼ inch thick

If the texture is too chewy when sliced, cut it thinner than ¼ inch thick

If the texture is too dry, or crumbly, cut the slices thicker.

Do not let the sauce pool in the bottom of the turn in box.

Use a silicone basting brush to apply the sauce.

Be sure all slices are completely cut from one another, you can be disqualified if not.

Place a minimum of 7 slices and some chopped brisket in the box.

Use only KCBS approved garnish.

Do not mark the box, break the clasp or hurt it in any way.

When applying the rub, lay it on there, the more the better.

If injecting, do it often and evenly to equally distribute the marinade and prevent areas of discoloring.

Cook stout side down, period!

Buy packer cut briskets and trim them yourself.

Buy briskets 12 lbs and under, the slices will fit better in your turn in box.

Pork Tips

Keep the cooking temp constant at 235.

Cook the butt over the brisket to add flavor to the brisket

When injecting an 8 lb butt, use one cup of the injection recipe, piercing the pork in about 30 places.

Pull the butt off at 200 degrees and wrap it in foil, then a towel and place it in an empty cooler.

Trim the excess surface stout, there will no bark where the rub is attached to stout.

Use a LOT of mustard in your slather, work it in.

Use both pulled pieces and bark in your turn in box.

Watch for pooling of your sauce in the bottom of the turn in box, the judges will.

Fill your box up; be sure you have plenty for all the judges

Use bone in butts.

Cook no more than 6 lb butts, too huge will take longer.

Chicken Tips

Use scissors to trim your pieces, expect to lose up to 50% of the meat when trimming.

Use thighs only.

Make them small, you want at least 7 in the box.

Get the rub under the skin.

Be sure the skin is crisp and does not pull off all at once when bitten into. If so, place it skin side down over high heat to crisp it up.

Marinate in Italian salad dressing overnight

Cook at 235 indirect.

Cook at least 18 so you have several to choose from for your entry.

Chicken can absorb a lot of smoke, do not overdo it.

At 180 degrees, pull the chicken off straight away.

Rib Tips

Do not open the cooker for the first two hours.

Cook bone side down at all times unless foiled.

You MUST maintain 135 degrees for the entire cook

When trimming them, try to get an even cut, you want a rectangle of ribs to slice through

Use an electric knife for slicing the ribs.

Be careful handling the ribs, do not disturb the rub.

Apply the sauce with a silicone brush, do not let it pool in the bottom of your turn in box.

Cook at least three slabs, that way you will have more to choose from.

Red is excellent brown is terrible, do not burn your sauce.

The rib meat must cleanly pull away from the bone, not all of the meat at one time or have to fight it off with your teeth.

Mix the juices from the foil with the sauce before basting the ribs.

Stand the ribs on end when slicing; it is simpler to avoid getting into the bone.

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