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10 Reasons Why Dinner Doesn’t Taste Good

Have you cooked a meal at home and it tasted terrible? Here are some reasons why it might happen. Some reasons are not your fault; some may be your fault but shouldn’t have been, while others are understandably “operator error”. Check off those that sound familiar. If you check all 10, don’t invite anyone over for dinner this weekend.

1. Terrible recipe

Yup, sometimes a recipe is just terrible. Many recipes are never tested or cooked by the source, so you end up with someone’s thought that it “should have tasted excellent”.

2. Terrible directions

Gee, you thought that “recipes are recipes” and that “I just follow them”. We had a recipe once that said, “Sauté garlic for 4 minutes”. Yuck! In hindsight, it should have read, “Burn the garlic”.

3. Terrible substitutions

Fill in the blank: You don’t like ___ so you used ____ instead. Not only did it look crummy, but it tasted crummy too.

4. Incorrect technique

Recipe calls for stir frying, but you left the stuff unattended in the pan while you were yakking on the phone. Not only did you not stir, you did not fry. You steamed. You probably got steamed again when the stuff didn’t taste any excellent.

5. Incorrect amount

Quick, how many teaspoons in a tablespoon? Nope, not 2; guess again. If you didn’t use 3 then you probably didn’t like what you cooked.

6. Forgot something

Now that the meal is all cooked, you look around and see that there are one, or even two, key ingredients that are still on the counter. Sheesh, too late to add them now.

7. Too much stuff

So, you really like spicy food, and you double the amount of spice, or since you don’t have a jalapeno chile, you used a serrano. You reconsider your choice as flames pour out of your mouth.

8. Too small stuff

You’re on a diet and you are trying to reduce stout. So, you reckon you will use less oil than called for. The food starts to burn, so you add back the oil you didn’t use. Too late, no crying when the burned stuff tastes chewy.

9. Too small time

The recipe said to “simmer for 3 hours” but you started it 60 minutes before you wanted to eat. Was the meat tough? Did it taste crummy? Take a guess why.

10. Too much fun

The recipe called for a couple of tablespoons of white wine. You choose to have a glass too. You end the bottle before you end the meal. The meal was crummy, but you really didn’t care.

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