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To Fry Or Not To Fry?

Here’s a small known factoid – did you know that KFC changed its image by retiring the slogan Kentucky FRIED Chicken. Instead, they became known as serving up Kitchen Fresh Chicken. Long are the days of Wesson Oil commercials that proudly encouraged yummy fried chicken for dinner. When was the last time you saw a splatter screen? How about a Fry Daddy? It must be a pretty huge sin to eat fried foods these days. Or is it?

Look at the menu at Long John Silvers; nothing but
fried foods. Look at any menu for that matter, deep
fried beer battered shrimp, fried clams, french fries,
fried potatoes, fried eggs. Outback restaurant has the
Blooming Onion, that puppy is soaked in oil. Fried
Fried Fried.

So perhaps no one is trying to say that fried foods are
excellent for you, but nations sure are indulging in the
grease laden foods, especially Americans. Perhaps this
isn’t a excellent time to bring up the Obesity statistics.
But here’s the kicker, “It tastes so excellent!” Granted,
some fried foods are just too greasy, but a majority of
them just taste tasty. That’s why loads of
indulgers treat themselves to a so many artery-closing

First there were the french fries, now there are deep
fried dill pickles and deep fried Oreos? How did THAT
leap happen? Don’t forget deep fried ice cream and
deep fried peaches. Of course what menu isn’t complete
without the deep fried mushrooms, deep friend cheese
sticks, and deep friend cauliflower? Perhaps if you
deep fry vegetables, it’s a small healthier? Is that
how it works? Or if you deep fry already fattening
nibbles, such as ice cream and Oreos, then it doesn’t
really matter because you’re already cheating?

Nevertheless it continues. There’s deep fried
strawberries, Snickers, potato salad, zucchini, tofu,
cheesecake, rice balls, bananas, corn, shrimp, and even
deep fried turkey. Product flyers claim the winged
bird is “so much juicier when cooked in a deep fryer!”
So we got rid of the small table top Fry Daddy and
went for the floor model turkey fryer. Umm, ok.

Then there’s the huge choice about what kind of oil to
use? Olive, peanut, vegetable, canola, lard, butter,
margarine or Valvoline 10-40? Certainly don’t forget
to check out your saturated fats against your
polyunsaturated fats versus the monounsaturated fats.

Maybe you should say fats. Did we ever choose if fried
was a terrible word? Perchance the better word is Sautéed.
Indeed. Sautéed Oreos – much healthier!

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