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Mangosteen Juice – The Truth Is In The Taste

It is juice made from the fruit of the tree of the same name. That is the small (and smart aleck) answer. Its juice is also a nutritional supplement with powerful health benefits.

Mangosteen trees are probably native to Southeast Asia. That is where they grow best. They are hard to cultivate in the Western hemisphere, and they require a subtropical climate, with temperatures never dropping below 45°F. The fruit is delicate and does not ship well. It does not process well, either, and breaks down with as small as ten minutes of pasteurization time.

To get your hands on fresh produce, you have to go where it grows or pay a hefty price in order to get it frozen. There is a tale that one high-end hotel had a crate of frozen mangosteens shipped to them, and sold them as a menu item for around $100 each—for a plum-sized fruit.

You can still get the health benefits from the fruit by drinking the juice. This juice is made by pulping the entire fruit, straining it and pasteurizing the juice. It is vital to get juice that is made from the entire fruit, because most of the health benefits are in the hull.

The juice is the richest source of xanthones (a powerful type of antioxidant) on the planet. Antioxidants work at the cellular level, so they improve the health of all of your body systems.

Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

We do not know for sure what all of the benefits of this fruit’s juice are yet. Research is being done, but the results are preliminary, so we cannot say for certain which of the claims made about the juice are right.

We do know that mangosteen juice is a potent antioxidant, and antioxidants prevent cell hurt from free radicals. We also know that antioxidants are more effective when we get them from fruits and vegetables than when we take a processed supplement.

Antioxidants, such as those found in this juice, lower cholesterol levels and contribute to cardiovascular health. They may prevent some kinds of cancer. Some of the xanthones in the juice are Cox-2 inhibitors, similar to the ones found in arthritis medications.

Antioxidants decrease inflammation and improve immunity. They may improve brain function and they help with stomach and intestinal problems. Antioxidants improve the function of every cell in your body. Indeed, this juice is a flavorful, healthy way to get a load of xanthones. Drinking antioxidant mangosteen juice is one step you can take for better health.

David McFarlane is a proud contributing author and writes articles on mangosteen. You can visit his site at mangosteencity.com mangosteencity.com

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