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Green Tea Benefits – Are They Real?

Of late, green tea has loved something of a popularity boon because of the numerous health and lifestyle benefits it has. Originally hailing from Asia, green tea has been well loved for thousands of years as a commonly drunken and ritualized addition to the daily diets of millions. Today’s science is starting to look at the incredible substance and is finding that not only does it offer health benefits in the form of antioxidants and weight loss help, but it might be a generally healthy addition to any diet if taken every day.

Most tea is derived from the same plant. If you are familiar with the western teas, you are familiar with the source of green tea. But, green tea is kept from the fermentation process that black teas undergo and retains much of the natural benefits found in the tea plant. Basically it’s the same as eating fresh vegetables from a garden as opposed to cooked and frozen vegetables from a supermarket. Everything nature intended is still inside the tea leaves.

Why Is Green Tea Excellent For You? –

First off, green tea is a fantastic source of antioxidants. What do antioxidants do though? Among other things, they help to lower terrible cholesterol by stimulating and increasing excellent cholesterol. It’s a see saw in there, in which green tea raises the level of LDL to lower the level of HDL.

Due to those positive effects on cholesterol, green tea has been tied to the lowered risk of heart disease in its consumers. By lowering terrible cholesterol and removing the harmful gunk on the artery walls, blood flow is increased and the risk of heart disease is lowered.

While not as scientifically backed, green tea and its components has also been known to help reduce cancer symptoms by blocking certain enzymes. Arthritic pain has often been tied to green tea in that common swelling and pain are often reduced by those very same antioxidants found in green tea. Once the swelling goes down, the pain goes with it.

Infections are another commonly fought problem associated with green tea’s antioxidants. The power of those substances has been known to ward off the bacteria of disease and stimulating immune response to better protect the body.

Another fantastic effect of antioxidants is the reduction of acne. Green tea has been sworn by many to be as excellent an acne treatment as any of the various lotions and moisturizers you’d find in a grocery store. By lowering the amount of toxins in the skin, swelling immediately decreases. Not only that, but hormones which cause acne are decreased as well.

One new benefit of green tea recently learned is its ability to fight against cavities. In the same way that it boosts immune response, green tea can help the body fight germs in the mouth and so soon will be found in toothpastes.

How Does It Taste And How Do You Prepare It?

Preparation of green tea is simple, with a teaspoon of tea for every cup of water. Do not boil the water, but heat it to between 180 and 190F.

Green tea is very much unlike other teas. There are numerous variations to the simple grassy flavor, depending on from where the tea leaves are harvested. Some teas are sweet and others very much not so, and often green tea is drank without the sweet additives of black teas, thought that is a personal choice.

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