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Thai food offers many tasty dishes flavored with spices, lemon-grass or coconut – although different regions of Thailand, each tend to have their own preferred ingredients – for example, coconut milk and tumeric in the South, and lime juice in the Northeast. No matter what part of the country a dish is from, all Thai dishes or meals aim to achieve a balance between fundamental flavors common to the cuisine: spicy hot, sour, sweet and salty, as well as optionally bitter.

Rice forms an vital and fundamental part of Thai food, and jasmine rice (which is native to Thailand) is used in many dishes as well as being served plain. Some other well loved Thai dishes include:

- Pad Thai – Fried rice noodles with fish sauce, sugar, lime or tamarind, peanuts and egg, mixed with chicken, tofu or seafood.

- Pad see ew – noodles stir-fried with thinly sliced pork or chicken, and flavored with fish sauce.

- Green curry – A curry flavored with coconut, green chillies, and Thai basil, containing vegetables and chicken or fish.

- Red curry – A very hot curry made with plenty of red chillies.

- Yellow curry – A curry that is colored using fresh tumeric (hence its yellow color), and also containing black mustard seeds, cumin, nutmeg, brown sugar, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, coconut milk and fish sauce.

- Gai pad khing – Fried chicken with vegetables and sliced ginger.

- Tom yam – A hot and sour soup made with seafood (often shrimp) or chicken.

- Som tam – Grated papaya salad. There are several variations: the salad can be served with salted black crab, with peanuts, shrimps and palm sugar, or with salted fish, eggplant, and long beans.

- Satay – Originally from Indonesia, Satay has also become a well loved dish in Thailand. Satay is grilled meat (usually chicken or pork), usually on skewers, served with cucumber salad and a peanut sauce.

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