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Choosing The Perfect Wine For Your Dinner Party

I have a friend who likes to cook, and she is truly incredible, every dish she makes is incredible. The problem (well really there is no problem since she knows me) is she constantly serves the incorrect wine with a particular dish. Now I’m no “blue blood”, but I do believe in the biblical verse, “take a small wine for thy stomach’s sake”. I believe this should be done with moderation; and in so doing I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur. Here are a few of my choices.

White Bordeaux is usually a safe bet even for the novice and if your plot is buy something inexpensive at the supermarket, white is a far better choice than red (less chance of going incorrect). One of my favorites is Sainsbury’s White Bordeaux which has a touch of lemon and peach with citrus for excellent measure, perfect with fish or a bowl of teriyaki (my friend makes a mean teriyaki plate).

Here is one a friend suggested, and to be honest I was skeptical, but proven incorrect… Capelands Chardonnay, I really liked this South African wine but some will find the peachy, nutty flavor a bit unusual, I certainly recommend this for a wine tasting evening and the hint of lime and fruit, make it an ideal before dinner wine.

California has long been the land of promise, and not just for movies, but for wines also, this fine California wine Landmark “Overlook” Chardonnay, costs a bit more but it will truly tantalize the palette with figs, nuts, cinnamon and apples flavors to amaze and satisfy. I have a friend is mostly a Jack Daniels drinker; he told me that this is the one wine that made him reckon of whiskey. I’m not sure if that is praise, but it certainly makes for fascinating conversation.

Okay, lets take a leap of faith into the land of red wines, you’re opening yourself to risks, but also fantastic rewards of taste and aromas. My heritage is Sicily, and while I can’t speak a word of Italian (something I fantasize about correcting) when I hear of a excellent wine from Sicily, in particular Zagara Nero D’Avola/Sangiovese, I know I’m in for an evening of experience and pleasure. This is a red wine full of flavor and suitable for many meals; the taste is full of fruit, with hints of vanilla, flowers and cherries.

Not to be outdone, South Africa again rises to the occasion with Fontein Cinsaut/Merlot; the wine is light, speaks of raspberry and spice. This is certainly for dinner, or perhaps to sit by an open fire late in the evening and watch the sun set over the hills. It is a bit creamy for my taste, but still a wine worthy of praise.

Now reckon back, to the time of the Conquistadors and Queen Isabella of Spain. I doubt the queen and her band of wandering warriors were thinking of Viña El Salado; yet it is a wine worthy of Spain with a deep rich color and scents that tickle and tantalize with blackberry and tannins. It is silky smooth and a wine that might echo that biblical verse… “… a small wine for thy stomach’s sake”.

Well dinner is nearly ready, the candle are lit, the men folk are gathered around and my friend is serving her culinary arts, depending on my choice to round out the gorgeous dinner. A sip, a smile, a swirl and the glasses are awash with flavors and aromas captivating the senses and bringing alive the senses.

June is a professional writer and Internet marketer. Her background is comedy and she always tries to include that in her articles. June’s site thevirtualwinecellar.com/ The Virtual Wine Cellar was made to help people find the perfect wine, to accent a perfect evening. You’ll also find article about building, stocking and maintaining a thevirtualwinecellar.com/ wine cellar.

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