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A Mother’s Treasure

Every mother has her own culinary treasures. They are called recipes. If you frequently have those late night cravings for your mother’s mini apple pies or unique kind of chocolate-chip cookies, now that you do not live at your parent’s house anymore, perhaps it is time to give in to her advice and spend some quality time with her in the kitchen. By helping her make your favorite meal or dessert, you will gain much more than copying her cooking instructions. You will really advance your cooking skills and bond with her.

This is not an simple deal and you know it. Most likely, you will have to hear that ancient same tale that she has no thought where she has place that piece of paper containing all the “secret” ingredients and measurements for the specific recipe-it is likely that it did not ever existed. But, if you sound serious, she will probably question you to join her next time she is about to make that tasteful delight of your choice, so you can take a peek or two during the cooking preparation process. Do not miss that kind of once-in-a-lifetime offer. These are your cravings we are talking about, you certainly cannot treat them with disrespect; they will hunt you down late at night until you say “Enough is enough!”

So, now that you have “officially” been invited, do not ever reckon of going unprepared to your appointment with your cooking destiny. Take a sharp pencil or a working pen and some pieces of paper and surprise your mom with a bottle of wine or some chocolate treats. When the time comes, enter the kitchen premises with confidence. This is not nuclear science; it is just a recipe. Start by asking her what you will need in terms of ingredients and kitchen equipment. When she starts stating them, write them down one by one and make sure your note them in the right order and nature. For example, when she mentions “butter” it is crucial to question, “Salty or plain?” In general remember to straighten out whatever your mother mentions during her cooking instruction class, since there is always the possibility of her leaving something out thinking that it is self-evident. But it would be a shame for you to use the incorrect ingredient later and ruin your attempt of recreating her recipe at your own kitchen.

When the cooking process starts, do not step back; step closer. It is crucial for you not only to know what is included in the recipe, but also to watch your mother in action. The way she mixes everything together, the specific measurements she takes, the sequence of the ingredients, the preparation of the kitchen equipment, all have to be carefully studied and included in your notes. Try helping her through the process. Cooking takes practice and it is always fun to practice with an expert.

Finally, before stepping out from the kitchen carrying the mouth-watering outcome of your mother’s cooking efforts home with you, remember to leave her with a kiss and thank her for her time. Don’t forget to promise that next time you will arrive with your version of tasteful “heaven” she just taught you how to make. One thing is for sure. She will certainly like the thought of having the opportunity to see you again that soon!

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