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Looking to throw the party of the year? Worried about pulling it off? No need to be, it can be really simple when a few simple rules are applied to the plotting process. The key to a successful event comes from following the 5W Guideline!

1. WHY?

Why are you throwing a party? Is it for a birthday or bachelor/ bachelorette party, maybe a baby shower, holiday and office party or just an excuse to get together, whatever the cause for a celebration, have a clear vision of your party intention and convey this to your guests. Of course the best way of communicating your intentions is through the use of invitations. Why not use them? They can be creative, amusing and unique and save you the effort of having to personally communicate with all your potential party-goers. Give your guests a momento and send out some fantastic invites!

2. WHAT?

What is the objective of your party? What kind of party are you going to throw? This is a very vital question in that all your decisions from here will be affected by what party you are having. If you are having a themed party, consider that you may need decorations and costumes. This doesn’t have to be expensive. A fantastic Martini party can be had simply by having your guests dress semi formal. Because every party is a themed party of some sort, find the right theme for you and your guests. Here are a few fantastic theme party thoughts:

Do you like food? A fantastic recipe/cooking party may be the way for you.

Do you delight in golf? Maybe a Sunday afternoon masters BBQ.

What about wine? Wine tasting parties are an ideal way to try new and exciting wines.

Choose your theme, it can be revolving or seasonal and make sure your guests will be receptive,
(not everyone likes to get in costume) and make sure your goals are attainable.

3. WHO?

Who will be coming to your party? It is vitally vital to know who you are catering to. Is it for close friends? Complete strangers? Co workers or business peers? In plotting any social event, you need to consider the guests, do they know each other? Is it an Ice breaker? Do you need to provide name tags? How many people are you expecting? What are their likes and dislikes? Are they heavy drinkers or heavy eaters? Do they have a demographic? Find out what you all commonly share as interests and deliver those in spades.

Understanding your guests will help to clarify your goals for your event and also help determine the kind of party that is appropriate. All fantastic parties cater greatly to their guests.


Location, location, location! There are many factors to consider when choosing a location for any party:

1. Crammed rooms
2. Inadequate lavatory facilities
3. Inability to sit or stand comfortably
4. Limited access to food and or beverages

These will certainly be a detriment to your guests overall satisfaction. Here are some very useful considerations to make when choosing a venue:

Does it have the space I need?
Will my guests be able to freely mingle?
Is there adequate lavatory facilities?
Is there an area to sit?
Is it easily accessible?
Is there transit or cabs available near by?

Can your guests leave their vehicles should they be consuming alcohol? Consider using a drive home service in your area to keep people from drinking and driving. They usually charge a stipend to drive your guest and their cars home. We highly recommend doing this!

If you are plotting on renting a hall or banquet room:

Does it have food and beverage facilities? If yes, will they provide the room gratis if you use their food and beverage services?
Are there adequate washroom facilities and are they wheel chair accessible?
Is there an outdoor/patio/smoking area?
At what time will you have access to the facility and at what time are you to leave?
Do they provide any post function cleaning?
Is there adequate electrical for décor, a DJ or a Band?

Do they have in House Audio visual? (We don’t recommend this as it is usually quite expensive and you can get reliable AV from outside sources)
What is its capacity?
Is there any security? Will you need security?

5. WHEN?

Choosing the right time, date or season to have your party will impact greatly on why you are hosting one, where you are having one, what your party is for and who you will be inviting. You will need to consider some vital timelines for plotting your party:

Will it fall on a holiday?
Will your guests be available or with family?
What is a excellent time for a dinner party to start? Is 6 PM too early? Is 9 PM too late?
Will my guests be too hungry or worse yet, not hungry at all?
Will my start time accommodate for travel, the work week or game time?
Is my theme out of season?
Is it fashionable? Or Worst case scenario, TOO fashionable?
Will your party wake the neighbors?

(If yes then they need to be invited too!)

Fantastic parties should be a requirement in life, but it shouldn’t become a nightmare for the volunteer host! Just follow my 5W’s and a successful party will simply fall into place!

Michael Kyle has been an event coordinator and hospitality expert for 18 years. His passion for event plotting and guest services helped lead to the successful launch of thesexykitchen.com thesexykitchen.com; a web-site dedicated to kitchen design, renovation, party plotting, hospitality, and more. Perhaps you have a passion or leisure activity you’d like to write about. Learn how to turn your passion into a successful website, visit succeed-from-your-passion.com succeed-from-your-passion.com to learn how.

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