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Best Way to Cook a Steak sSs Style

This is our opinion after cooking millions of steaks, and developing a sheer feel, plus enormous feed back over the years

Start with a fantastic steak, an awesome young under 18 month ancient on the hoof yearling, boss Taraus English decendant or cross meat that has been aged, hung or cryovaced, and has been on a feed ration of grain for a minimum of 100 days. The butchery is ultra vital as the steaks need to be denuded of sinew and certainly cut across the grain, the meat also needs to be nicely marbled as this acts like a moisturizer as the meat cooks.

Now for the cooking, we prefer flame grill to bring out the awesome bbq flavours, slight smokiness and caramelizing, this flame grill needs to be very hot so it seals the meat both sides. This meat by the way should be at least an inch thick after it has had a very slight tap with a meat mallet to make sure it has an even thickness all over. Now this is where most people disagree, cause we believe once all the moisture is sealed in, you can season for flavour with salt, pepper paprika etc; or sSs flame grill seasoning BBQ mate, turn the steak until the right amount of doneness is achieved.( as some may say not to turn the steak until the blood starts to come through from the top, then turn) we believe this dries the steak out.

Now to tell if the steak is cooked please don’t cut the steak to see, as this lets all the juices out, and what you are after is a huge juicy steak, if you have a fantastic piece of tender meat, as it is cooking, touch it, thin food grade gloves on of course, and if it feels soft like your cheeks (soft), it will be somewhere around rare, if it feels a small firmer something like the flesh on your chin,(slightly firm) it is somewhere around medium, and if it feels even firmer like your forehead, (firm and not spongy) then it is around well done. This is why the best way to eat your steak is around rare to medium, so not to toughen and firm with no juices, like well done.

Now for the final touch before serving up to your friends and guests, we like to lightly brush our well-known BBQ glaze on just before it comes off the grill, it caramelizes and brings out the incredible country flavours, ( sSs is well-known for) straight on the to the real hot sizzle for a bit of theatre which brings all your senses to experience the sound, the sweet smells, wow it is getting my tongue salivating right now! The biggy now is to under cook it slightly on the grill, let it rest and set, because it will keep cooking on the hot sizzle!! One thing for sure, it will be hot, juicy and tasty, just the way you like it.

Graham Manvell is a multi-Internationally award winning culinary Olympian, and the franchisor sSs BBQ Barns. Learn more about his sssbbq.com.au” target=_blank>Steakhouse Restaurant at sssbbq.com.au www.sssbbq.com.au

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