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A Fantastic List Of 25 High Fiber Foods Along With Their Calorific Values

There are a number of ways in which high amounts of fiber benefit the human body; these benefits are listed as follows:

Benefits of undertaking a high fiber diet
It helps us maintain regular bowel movements – so is an brilliant dietary addition to those who suffer from constipation or any resulting hemorrhoids.

Promotes normal cholesterol levels – a high fiber diet will aid those who are at risk from heart disease. That’s probably why you see characters in TV dramas, which have heart scares, being force fed high fiber breakfast cereals in place of their normal diet of eggs, sausage and bacon.

Maintains blood sugar levels – Which is excellent news for people with diabetes, although eating lots and lots of fiber won’t cure the diabetes it can help reduce episodes of very low or very high blood sugar levels.

Other reported benefits
In addition to the aforementioned benefits modern research suggests that a high fiber diet can possibly have a role to play in combating the following health problems.

Colon cancer
Breast cancer
Irritable bowel syndrome
Syndrome X

The recommended daily allowance for fiber should be at least 25g therefore a high fiber diet would constitute in consuming at least 30 g worth of fiber.

I’ve prepared a top five list of high fiber food along with their calorific values, amount of fiber they contain per 100g, and the recommended daily fiber intake they fulfill – written as a percentage – and brief explanation of the other health benefits which these individual foods have attached to them.

1. Lentils – 100 kcal, 21.9g fiber, 87.64% RDA
As well as containing a high level of fiber, lentils are packed full of protein too, no less than 26g of the stuff! In addition if you’re looking for a food with high levels of vitamin B1, look no further these small beauties contain 67% RDA per 100g, which is excellent news for people who like the add cigarette and glass of beer as it helps to increase mental awareness and can boost energy levels.

2. Lima/butter beans – 75 kcal, 19.74g fiber, 78.9% RDA
For those suffering with high blood pressure these are fantastic, due to the combination of high potassium and low sodium which is contained within them. Lima beans are a fantastic source of protein, iron, copper and manganese too; which means that they are an ideal alternative to meat for vegetarians.

3. Barley - 386 kcal, 19.45g fiber, 77.8% RDA
Barley contains a excellent source of, both soluble and insoluble fiber which means they meet our nutritional needs better than, say, food that contains high level of one and not the other. In addition barley contains excellent levels of folic acid – which is beneficial to pregnant and breastfeeding women, young children and the elderly – and vitamin E, which acts as a terrific antioxidant and can help those who suffer from heart disease, poor circulation and skin disorders.

4. Split peas - 226 kcal, 15.27g fiber, 63.2% RDA
Split peas should be part of any healthy diet as they contain roughly 35% RDA of iron, per 100g, 56% of vitamin B1, 36% of vitamin B5, and 71 % of vitamin B9, as well as 25g of protein, which means they are an brilliant food to consume if you are suffering from stress and if you need to boost your energy.

5. Black beans – 182 kcal, 11.97g fiber, 47.84% RDA
Black beans are known to be an extremely excellent antioxidant, so anyone undertaking a detox plot should look no further than these if you are looking for foods to add to your new regime.

While I’m here I might as well give you 20 more high fiber foods which will benefit any high fiber diet. Here goes!!

6. Pinto beans – 141 kcal, 8.83g fiber, 35.28% RDA

7. Chickpeas - 188 kcal, 8.72g, fiber, 34.86% RDA

8. Corn - 307 kcal, 8.28g fiber, 33.125% RDA

9. Peas - 60 kcal, 8g fiber, 33% RDA

10. Navy beans -181 kcal, 8.16g fiber, 32.62% RDA

11. Turnip greens - 43 kcal, 7.56g fiber, 30.3% RDA

12. Kidney beans - 100 kcal, 6.8g fiber, 27.8% RDA

13. Raspberries - 24 kcal, 6.62g fiber, 26.72% RDA

14. Broccoli - 25 kcal, 6.6g fiber, 26.2% RDA

15. Soybeans - 140 kcal, 6.19g fiber, 24.78% RDA

16. Green beans - 100 kcal, 6g fiber, 24 % RDA

17. Swiss chard - 53 kcal, 5.52g fiber, 22.05% RDA

18. Spinach - 30 kcal, 5.18g fiber, 20.76% RDA

19. Cranberries - 58 kcal, 4.92g fiber, 19.76% RDA

20. Oats - 160 kcal, 4.38g fiber, 17.49% RDA

21. Fennel - 43 kcal, 4.32g fiber, 17.28% RDA

22. Cauliflower - 20 kcal, 4.19g fiber, 16.75% RDA

23. Celery - 12 kcal, 1.67g fiber, 14.74% RDA

24. Sprouts -25 kcal, 3.65g fiber, 14.58% RDA

25. Figs - 74 kcal, 3.26g fiber, 13.16% RDA

For those of you who like to count calories but want to maintain your high fiber dietary goals then Lima beans, lentils, green peas, turnip greens, raspberries and broccoli are worth introducing unto your diet, as they all contain less than 100 calories per 100g consumed.

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