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What The Hell Is Essiac Tea?

First things first, essiac tea came from the name Rene Caisse. She worked as a head nurse in the hospital called Sisters of Providence during the 1920’s.

In one of her duties, she was helping bathe an ancient woman when she noticed that one of the woman’s breasts had numerous scar tissues.

Rene learned that the ancient woman, thirty years ago, had breast cancer in the advanced stage.

The older woman then clarified that she met an ancient medicine Indian man from the tribe of Ojibway who then told her that he is able to cure cancer.

Since the woman did not have any money and at the same time she did not want to go through an operation, she went to the Indian.

The Indian then showed the woman herbs that are growing in the area and questioned her to pick the herbs up and use it to make tea. The tea should then be drank everyday.

After which, the woman experienced no re-occurrence of the dreaded cancer since thirty years has passed.

Since then, what Renee did was write and track down the name of the herbs as told by the ancient woman. She used the same herbs when her aunt was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach with the involvement of the liver. She of course questioned permission from her aunt’s doctor.

After which, her aunt then got to live twenty one years after the medical field gave up on her aunt’s case.

The years from 1934 up until 1942 were the years when Rene treated many terminally ill patients suffering from cancer, a lot of them were under the supervision of a doctor.

Even Rene’s own mother was reported to have liver cancer and so started to drink Essiac tea. Her mother then got to live for eighteen years more.

Essiac tea is made of what?

Essiac is really made of four specific herbs. The name came from her own name, albeit backwards.

The herbs are root burdock or arctium lappa, rhubarb (either Chinese or Indian) or rheum palmatum, sorrel sheep or rumex acetosella, and slippery elm’s inner bark or also called ulmus rubra / ulmus fulva.

Root burdock is really used to improve one’s digestion in the area of folk medicine. It is also utilized for cleansing the blood, as laxative as well as to increase one’s urination.

In studies conducted in laboratories, this root has also shown to have anti-tumor properties.

Sorrel sheep is also reported to have anti-cancer effects, while slippery elm helps alleviate sore throats and is used primarily as cough herbal drops and tea to combat sore throat.

What happened to Essiac tea?

In the year 1938, a Canadian bill authorized Rene to use Essiac tea in cancer treatment, but it also required her to provide the Essiac formula. She of course refused. But in the year 1977, the Essiac tea formula was sold to Resperin, a corporation in Canada.

Currently, Essiac is available as a health herbal food with no particular claim to cure or health.

There are now many versions of the product that in the year 2000, a lot of claims on authenticity cropped up.

All in all, Essiac tea is fantastic to be taken in as a tea that is brewed fresh and drank three times in one day on a stomach that is empty. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it would make on your health and life.

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