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Green Tea And It’s Benefits For Your Life

Everyone has at least heard by now about the benefits of green tea. But maybe you can’t exactly tell someone else who may question about the benefits. I want to make a nice small list of benefits you can rattle off for your friends to either help them make the switch from Coke to Green Tea or from Coffee to Green Tea.

First I want to point out one vital point you can use in your premise for green tea. The Japanese society is the longest living society in the world. Granted there may be many reasons for this. The amount of seafood, walking more than driving but I reckon it’s because they incorporate green tea into their daily lives.

I lived there and saw the amount of cigarette smoking and drinking and realized there must be some secret cure all. Currently the smoking rate among adult men is nearly 50%, while for women it is below 15%. That is pretty high.

Now I can read some of your minds and you’re thinking “they must have excellent genes, or something?” WRONG. It is their diet, part size of meals and green tea.

Health benefits of green tea

1. Extremely rich in antioxidants, which are believed to prevent cancer.(Antioxidants inhibit the growth of cancer cells and this is how it prevents cancer)

2. It can help to lower cholesterol levels. (Increases your liver’s LDL receptors)

3. It helps cardiovascular health.

4. It is very rich in vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system.

5. It has a excellent amount of fluoride, which helps to strengthen bones.

6. It is excellent allergy remedy.

7. It helps to ease the effects of rheumatoid arthritis. (Reduces swelling)

8. Help to prevent heart disease. (Lowering cholesterol)

9. Helps to cure infections (Antioxidants, boosts immune system)

10. Helps to treat acne. (Reduces toxins and swelling)

11. Helps to prevent against cavities (Destroys bacteria and viruses)

12. Helps to fight wrinkles (Destroys free radicals in your body)

So if you can remember 5 of these you are in excellent shape for helping to educate people on the benefits. This is a small list I am sure with the main things that it does that helps to reduce or eliminate many other symptoms.

So over all green tea is probably the best drink you can have next to maybe water. But please be sure to search out REAL green tea in your local area or on the Internet. Don’t settle for the terrible imitations that are out there. Pretty much the stuff you can get at your local corner store. They are just selling you a name and their benefits are getting your money. When you see the bottle with added Ginseng, Lemon, and whatever else crap they are putting in there just know they are trying to sell you on add-ons and not what is excellent for your health. And if it has added sugar and flavoring, please place it back on the shelf. Real green tea can be found in Asian markets, on E-bay, or many places online. It is best to get the tea leafs and make it yourself that way you know what went into the drink. Here’s to your health and vitality.

My name is Brett Burky and I am a green tea fanatic. I have an exstensive knowledge of the subject and only want you to get the real stuff and not the fake stuff at your local grocery. Keep up to date at my blog greenteaeducation.blogspot.com/ greenteaeducation.blogspot.com/

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