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5 Steps To Using A Recipe For Creating Easy Meals That Your Family Won’t Run From!

Making a meal that won’t scare off your Family is not all that hard to do. With the right information, in the form of a recipe and the right tools for the job, you could cook up a culinary delight that is both quick and simple.

More and more these days it is harder to get your family to sit down together for a meal. We all know that time spent together at the dinning table is so vital for getting caught up on the days events. To be able to find out what has and will go on in our family’s life, outside the safety of our homes. Especially with all the terrible influences in this world today it just makes it vitally vital to have this time together.

But all the wishing in the world, won’t make it happen if you and your family reckon you can’t boil water. For instance does your Children go to the neighbor’s home for a meal, rather than eat what you have cooked? Then maybe what you need is some simple steps to follow, some basic knowledge in the art of preparing meals, some practice, a small patience and a guinea pig would not hurt. Need one, why not check to see if that neighbor is available for lunch. That way when you do choose you will cook a meal, and you follow these simple steps, then your family won’t have a reason to call 911 when you call them to eat. So with that said here is the Simple Step To Your Culinary Success.

Step 1. The most IMPORTANT step of all is for you to sit down with your recipe and read it all the way through until you know everything. If by some chance it has a part you just can’t figure out call a friend and question, or do some research. Don’t just skip it because you can’t figure it out. What would happen if you where making Homemade Bread, and the recipe called for you to let the dough rise? So not knowing that it meant, to let the dough sit in a warm place till it doubles or more in size. Instead you take it to mean raising the loaf over your head. Guess what, you just made a brick to fix your walkway with. So understanding what your recipe is telling you to do with each step is the most IMPORTANT step.

Step 2. Get the tools and utensils that you will need to make your masterpiece. Having the proper instruments for the job is vital. Reckon of it like this, if you want to bake an Apple Bundt Cake, you need a special pan, but instead you baked it in a regular pan, well then it’s just a Apple Cake. Also if you didn’t follow the instructions or you skipped a step that the recipe called for, then just maybe you have made a very Heavy Frisbee.

Step 3. Gather all the right Ingredients. Imagine trying to make a Ham and Cheese Omelet, and you only have cream cheese. Yummy! And FYI freshness does count. For example, eggs that won’t break when you drop them, its probably a safe bet that they are NO GOOD.

Step 4. Start with Step 1 and end it, then do Step 2 and end it, do this till you have completed everything the recipe calls for. Has long as you don’t skip a step and you do what it says, and presuming that it was a excellent recipe to start with, you should do just fine.

STEP 5. In the beginning this step is going to be the most hard part of your meal for you to accomplish, getting the Family to trust your new found talents. You may want to try bribery, or maybe deception, tell them it’s take out. Then after the meal and they loved it drop the bomb shell,and take your bow. Provided they did delight in, if not practice some more and tell them not to worry you won’t go to that restaurant for anymore take out!

So that’s all there is to it. Cooking a meal that your family will delight in and that is healthy is not all that hard. It just takes practice, patience and for you to follow the steps outlined above.

Just like anything else in Life, cooking is a skill that anyone can learn and master if given a chance.

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Thanks for your time.
Here’s To Cooking Up A Better Tomorrow!
Chef Granddad Floyd B

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